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Money can get really tight when you are looking for a job and sometimes, even when you already have a job!  But the good news is, you can start your own business and create extra income almost immediately with ZERO CAPITAL whether you are currently employed or not.  So, are you ready to take in the secrets that I will share today?  Read closely.

You Don’t Need Money to Make Money


I was interviewed for a TV show hosted by Bishop Chito Tagle on ABC 5 and the theme of the show was “Entrepreneurship for nation building in the Philippines”. In the course of the interview, I was asked how someone can start a business when they have no money. To this I replied, “I think a lot of people have it backwards, the reason why you will go into business in the first place is because you don’t have a lot of money to begin with.”

I got a quizzical and interested look when I said this and the host asked me to elaborate further, so I replied: “In business, you do not need capital, you need customers. If you have capital but no customers, you are not in business, but if you have customers, even with no capital, then you ARE in business and you can make money”


The Zero Capital Method

Let me share with you some insights for making money without money, I call it THE ZERO CAPITAL METHOD which is really about starting your own profitable business, sideline or racket—with nothing (okay, less than a thousand pesos if you really want to be strict about it) and I don’t mean getting a loan or a hand out from your parents or relatives.

With the Zero Capital Method, you can immediately make extra money whether you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur, looking for a job or already have a job but just want extra income.  So without further ado, here are my no-nonsense learning principles and action must-do’s based on what I and my business teams do to start Zero Capital Businesses.

1. Erase from your heads that it takes money to make money – This saying is not for Entrepreneurs but for Investors. There is a big difference between the two: Entrepreneurship is about making money from nothing, Investing is about growing your money.

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2. Understand the true meaning of Capital. We loosely associate the word capital with Money. There are many other forms of capital that is not related to money but with the right plan can be made into money and a successful business. These are:

  1. Talent / Skill Capital – Do you have a marketable talent or skill in something? Write it down and make your list as long as possible
  2. Experience Capital – Do you have sought after experience in something? Think about how you can use that to start a business.
  3. Social Capital – Do you have any Influential connections in your network whom you can tap (not to give you capital) but to open doors for you?
  4. Time Capital – Do you have time? Time can be made into a business.
  5. Solution Capital – Do you have Solutions to everyday problems?
  6. Ownership Capital – Do you own everyday, useful equipment or property  that you can make money with?

3. Learn how to market and sell these forms of capital with ZERO Costs. The purest form of business is when you are able to sell. The sweetest form of selling is if you are able to do it without any upfront costs! If selling is not for you, partner with someone who does it well and work out a “Commission-Based-Zero-Cash-Out” arrangement.

4. Learn to negotiate. If you are used to bargain hunting and haggling in Divisoria, then this should be second nature for you. If you do not know how to negotiate, you must learn. – This is a non-negotiable. How? Go to divisoria with an experienced bargain hunter / negotiator, make a goal to buy something that you need at 50% of the asking price. If not successful, repeat until you are.

5. Learn to manage your money. In business, you can start with zero capital but you don’t want to end up with zero profits.  When you generate money, don’t spend it all on useless (non-profit generating) expenses.  Learn how to separate business and personal transactions using financial and tracking tools.

6. Learn from experience, or at least someone with experience to guide you and shorten the time to get to your goal. Do not get advice from people who have not done what you want to do and just tell you why it won’t work. Do not get advice from people who are not successful because you don’t want to end up like them. You want to end up like someone who has been down this road and who has succeeded.

Now, these 6 pointers are just the beginning of a very exciting road ahead. It is not for everyone.  But if you truly want to start making extra money now, there is no need to wait any further. All you need to do is ACT ON IT.


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  1. Anon Ozaeta

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing me your generosity and wisdom!

    I’d like to join you in your Zero Capital Business Club as soon as I return from Australia.



  2. efril

    Thanks for the very profitable advice!

  3. mark

    ….and so, what is really your business? we attend your seminar? or buy your book?

  4. Robert Almazan

    Thank you sir a got many points to start business. I’ll act now and send you back. Please don’t forget my email if you have a new information like this.

  5. hersh

    Hi Mark,
    Your article was very true. I remember 6 years ago i was still employed and dream of being an entreprenuer, i join 2 of your workshop @ businessmaker it was very helpful thats why i never fail to recommend your courses to the budding entreprenuer i met.


  6. markso

    Hey Hersh! Been a while many thanks for remembering to recommend me. More success to you! Talk again soon.


    Sir Mark thanks for your goodness to share this wonderful informative article.

    • markso

      Hey Raquel! Thanks, I hope that it helps you get started in making more money very soon. Please do let your friends and family know about my blog. More success to you and your family!

  8. wendy

    I’m interested to attend the Zero Capital seminar. However, I have class every Saturday.

    • markso

      Hey Wendy, thanks for the interest. Our schedules are pretty tight as well so Saturdays are the only times this once-in-a-lifetime seminar/workshop will be conducted. I do hope you can make it. In any case, I do suggest signing up for a slot anyway @ to know when the next possible schedules will be.

  9. ludie dela cruz

    starting now tnx

  10. Albelito Belarmino

    Yes! i like to join the Zero Capital Business Club..I plan to travel UAE this coming Oct. 2009 to share this message from OFW ther..I want tknow more about.

  11. evangeline papa

    Hi sir:
    Do we have to pay for the seminar?

  12. Girlie

    You are absolutely right Mark! I started with nothing a year ago..I capitalize my skill and experience.

    Thanks for sharing your business expertise online and for being an inspiration to those who wanted to start their own business.

    Id like to join your Zero Capital Business Club.

    • markso

      Hey Girlie, thanks for the comment. I hope you have fun reading and relating to my other articles. To join the club, you just have to enroll in my Zero Capital course. call 6874445 / 6873416 / 6874645 and look for Kenneth

  13. Rene R. Baltazar

    hi mr. mark,
    i was surprised with your 6 pointers and another 6 types of capitals. looks great! but can anyone use it as easy as reading it.

  14. Anita Ty

    That is great info! Thanks so much! Please tell me where I can get a copy of The Three Rings of Power and Your Corporate Career, Part II. I have a copy of Part I. I want to give them to my son to read when he comes home for vacation from summer classes in Ateneo.

    Thanks so much!

  15. ade

    Hi Mark,

    I had read your fantastic web. I’m really blank but want to improve myself. I want to start a business but I don’t know how to start from zero. Please advise, thanks

  16. Jayson

    Hi Sir Mark,
    I thought starting a business needs a lots of money and because of your inspiring articles, you give light to my path in the road of business, every time i visit your site I’ve learned a lot. I came from Bohol and our province needs more in business. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas to us especially for the young businessmen in Bohol.

  17. Kristopher mike

    Hi sir Mark,
    Thank you for this article, I am an account executive in a printing company and hoping that someday I’ll be having my own printing co. too. With your advise I’m sure that It will be possible for me to reach that goal.

    MABUHAY ka sir Mark!

    -Kristopher mike

  18. Steven Stocke

    You have remarked very interesting points! ps decent website.

  19. marichu

    This is great. zero capital to make money!

  20. malourdes

    wow! truly inspires me to start all over again.thanks

  21. Barton Temple

    Loving the information on this website, you have done great job on the content.

  22. Ron Domasig

    Wow! A multi-million dollar idea! Ideas make money! Thanks Mr. Mark I’m hoping that iI will meet you in person. 🙂

  23. biboy

    zero capital makes sense


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