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Being A Leader

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Imagine You Are With Your Friends…


…In a restaurant and the waiter comes with the bill, looks over the table and out of all of your 6 friends, picks you to give the bill to. And it doesn’t matter which set of friends you are with, waiters always look at you…Well that’s a sign that you have the look of a leader…(Or rich haha). Seriously, if that is you, then you have something in you that attracts people to you and that is a good starting point for leadership. If that isn’t you, don’t worry, it will be soon enough.


Leadership is Instinctual but Must Be Developed

There are people who take the role of “Leader” instinctually and naturally, while others need a little more effort, however regardless of how you are designed, true leadership must be developed and practiced if that is what you really want to be.

Why Do You Want To Be A Leader?


Why do you want to become a leader you ask? A half meant joke that I always say is: “I want to be a leader, because I do not like following”. For a lot of people, this may seem funny, and yet it is painfully true (I did say it was half meant) and they play the role of a leader as a “power hungry” bully. No, that is not why I want to become a leader, for me, why I want to become a leader is for “control”. Specifically, to gain control of my life.


When you are content on just following someone else, you give up control to that person and if something wrong happens to you, it is very convenient to just say, well, it’s because I trusted him that’s why I got into this mess.


Control Goes Hand In Hand with Accountability


When things go wrong in my life, I know exactly who was responsible, I know exactly who to blame, and that person is no one else but “myself”. That is accountability, because if I am the leader of my life, I am in control of my life, and if I am in control of my life, I am accountable for everything that happens in my life.


Too many times, I see people in a position of leadership quick to pass blame on to someone else or to “circumstances beyond their control”. To me that is not leadership because accountability in those instances were never there.


Do you want to Be A Leader and Take Back Control of Your Life?


If yes, then there are just 3 simple steps:

  • Stop blaming everyone else for the difficulties of your life.
  • Understand that you are ultimately accountable for everything that happens in your life
  • Start fixing it.


Being A Leader Is Not Easy, But It Is Worth It.


Ultimately, we only have one life to live, I want to be in the driver’s seat of my life which means I have to be a leader of me. But when you are the leader of yourself, and over time become more and more comfortable in being accountable with your actions regardless of outcome, you will naturally attract “challenges” in your life. That is life “leveling you up”. And the more challenges you face and solve, the bigger a leader you become. Needless to say, being a leader is not easy, because the bigger the leader you become, the bigger the problems you will have to face and be accountable / responsible for. Sounds intimidating, but, if I do say so myself, it is worth it.


Being A Leader Becomes Intrinsic and Natural


And so, when the time comes when you go out casually with your friends, or play an online game where you interact with total strangers, don’t be surprised if people naturally look to you to make the decisions for them. It is a sign that you ARE a leader. And when that time comes, take the time to acknowledge it, take the time to be proud of it, and take the time to make the most of your life with it.


Until the next article, good luck, and God bless.

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