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Selling Is About Giving, NOT Taking.

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Business, Business Management, Career Management, Personal growth | 0 comments

90% of the Time… …When someone tries to sell you something, you feel that they are there to try to “take” your money away from you. May it be the mall and someone runs after you giving you a flyer for a P2M condominium investment or a text message offering you a loan for 1.5% per month or a telemarketer offering you some ridiculous product or service. You feel like you are constantly under attack from these aggressive sales agents. What if… Instead of feeling on the defensive and...

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Don’t Marry Your Equal. Marry Someone “More” Than You!

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Business, Money Management, Personal growth | 0 comments

Is Your Wife Your Equal? In one of the lighter moments of one of my seminars, a student asked me if my wife was my “Equal”. To which I quickly replied: “No. She is more than me” Of course, the whole classroom erupted with people gushing with corny delight. The seminar that I was conducting believe it or not was about finance. Naturally, in finance I talk about my ultimate love for my wife. Sure, it makes sense right. Ha ha ha, well, let me rewind a bit and connect the dots for...

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I Believe In You! Hang In There!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in Business, Business Management, Career Management, Money Management, Personal growth | 0 comments

I Just Want You to Know, In Case You Haven’t Heard It In a While… …That I believe in you. Your life is not a failure even though at times you feel like it, your life has a purpose, all you have to do is believe in yourself too and hang in there. I believe that everyone has a purpose in this world and I’m one of the few who has been blessed with knowing what my purpose is. In my seminars I always tell my audience that there are only three things I love in this world. The first is my wife...

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5 Super Tips For Succeeding In Business!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2010 in Business | 20 comments

Over the past year, I’ve written a good number of business advice articles for Manila Bulletin and each of those articles were and still are meant to help as many people as possible. These articles are from my experience and discoveries through a lot of trial and error in “business making”, and to be honest, all of those articles contain a secret or two of mine on being successful in business, so in this particular piece, I’d like to summarize some of the more valuable lessons and what...

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The Power of Suggestion, Your Destiny, and Dreams Coming True

Posted by on Sep 21, 2010 in Business, Personal growth | 5 comments

Have you ever gone to a fortune teller? Or at least know of anyone who has gone to one? When I was younger, my mom would bring me and my sister to “Aling Erly”, a very gifted “manghuhula” (fortune teller) every so often to ask what the future holds for us. I say “gifted” because I remember one time when a significant amount of money went missing from the “house fund”. We searched the whole house for it but to no avail, so my mom called up “Aling Erly” and consulted with her....

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The Tale of Two Salesmen (Part 3 – Conclusion)

Posted by on Jun 22, 2010 in Business, Personal growth | 36 comments

So in this concluding article I will explain that being a great sales person is NOT just about developing a skill or transforming yourself from Yin to Yang or Yang to Yin. Instead, evolving as a salesperson is simpler than you think. In my Sales and Marketing Seminars I ask my students what their motivation for selling is. Can you guess what their three main answers are? Correct: 1.) Money 2.) Recognition, and 3.) More Money. To which I reply, “That’s very honest of all of you, but you see...

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