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1. The Difference between Businesses and Investments

-Aside from building businesses, another passion of mine is investing in assets. Both of them are a means to make more money if you know what you are doing, but how money is made between the two are very different. I’m going to simplify the difference for both of them for you right now by sharing my perspective: In business, to make money you need two critical assets: Customers and Employees. While in Investments, to make money you need two different kinds of assets: Money and Experience. Click here to read full article and to comment


2. The Difference between Trading and Investing

-I want you to imagine that you are in one of my finance seminars right now. You are seated in the middle row and you are here because you want to understand how to grow your money. As the seminar begins, and after I make everyone feel comfortable, I pause and look into the crowd and ask a simple question. “Can anyone tell me; is there a difference between Trading and Investing?”  A few hands go up and I pick one. “Sir, investing is putting your money into an asset and making it work for you”. “Good”, I say, “…and what about Trading?” “Well, sir… Click here to read full article and to comment

3. How the dollar affects your Investments and what to do about it Part 1

Let’s face it, like many Asian countries, the Philippines is a US Dollar Remittance driven economy and I have been asked many times about how to deal with the rise and fall of the USD as many Filipino Dollar Earners, Overseas Filipino Workers, as well as Export and Import driven businesses earning capacity and/or profit margins largely depend on learning how to effectively deal with this issue. So in this very special 2 part article, I will explain why the USD rises and falls, how it affects the peso and what you can do about it right now so that you can protect your money and possibly even make a nice profit for your self. Click here to read full article and to comment

4. How the dollar affects your Investments and what to do about it Part 2

-In part 1, I explained that the US Dollar fluctuates because of the mixture of buyers of US Dollars, sellers of US Dollars, Production of US Dollars, and the Allure of US Dollars. Now if you are an individual or a business that is greatly affected by USD fluctuations (i.e. Export-Import Companies, OFW’s or Local Dollar Earners), I’m going to share exactly what I do to protect the value of my money against erratic USD fluctuations. Click here to read full article and to comment

5. Simplifying Wall Street Blunders

-Last April 16, 2010 the US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Goldman Sachs with Fraud.  This explosive move by the SEC has tremendously diminished  investor confidence in Goldman and Wallstreet in general.  The SEC charge is a very serious one because it says that Goldman fraudulently sold its CDO’s (Collateralized Debt Obligations) to its clients at the behest of its other client Paulson and Co who “shorted” the same portfolio. The investors lost around $1 Billion while Paulson made the same amount. The problem according to the SEC was that Goldman failed to mention to the buyers that the CDO’s that they were buying was chosen by the exact same person who wanted to sell it in the first place. Now if it is not clear to you what the Fraud charge is all about, let me  simplify it for you using a crude analogy. Click here to read full article and the comment


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