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Money Is Loyal Only To More Money but Wealth Is Loyal To People with Integrity

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Do You Want Money Or Do You Want Wealth?

First of all, let’s define wealth. To me, wealth is not just about money or material riches. To me, being wealthy is having a wonderfully abundant life which means simultaneously having an abundant amount of money, health, solid relationships, and time.
Many people strive to just become rich but not wealthy. Many corporate executives have this as their life story: they have huge salaries, travel the world first class just to meet clients, wine and dine customers in 5 star restaurants and clubs, but have no time to spend with family, they eat or drink too much, lose their health, and end up miserably trapped in what they think is a “wealthy” lifestyle. I know because I used to be one of them. Also, many businessmen and successful investors have the same predicament. They get trapped with maintaining their money level and status in the hierarchy of the elite, sometimes losing sight of what making money and wealth is really about, a wonderfully abundant life.

Money Is Only Loyal To More Money

As a businessman, I deal with a lot of people. Customers, suppliers, partners, investors, etc. and through the years, you form alliances with the people you work with which you may start thinking of as “friends”, you share common goals, laughs, hurt, and believe that you are going in the same direction and can continue down this path forever.
Unfortunately, most alliances will only be temporary as common interests and goals are also only temporary. Sooner or later, the people you thought of as “friends” will have goals different than yours, sometimes it is you who will have a different goal than they. It is no one’s fault really as that is the nature of having “friends” born out of making money together.
What I have seen in my journey is that money will only be loyal to more money. What I mean is that in the pursuit of money, people will be willing to stab you in the back, be disloyal and betray you. Ambition and greed is what drives most people to succeed and if overdone, ruthlessness takes the place of kindness, loyalty and integrity.
Money without wealth is mean, and will not give a second thought to your feelings because that is the nature of all things material — destruction.

Wealth Is Loyal To People with Integrity

Wealth on the other hand is the substance to which money has meaning. It is what all people want but mistakenly identify as cash, and material things. That is farthest from what wealth truly is. To me, being wealthy is having a wonderfully abundant life which means simultaneously having an abundant amount of money, health, solid relationships, and time.
People who understand wealth are those who know the damage money alone can do to relationships and they know how to balance the pursuit of money or the sacrifice of it for the well-being of the other facets of wealth which are health, relationships and time.
People who are willing to sacrifice their relationships with you for the pursuit of money, are people who may have the capacity to make a lot of money, but that is all that they will have. At the end of the day, all the money that they make will not make up for the lack of health, lack of healthy relationships, and the lack of time.
People with integrity, on the other hand, who do what they promise, who will sacrifice the pursuit of money, for either health, loyal relationships or time, know the value of the “long term play”, they understand that life with only money leaves you lonely and that is not the real end goal. They know that the real end goal is which is to have a wonderfully abundant life.
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Until the next article, good luck, and God bless.
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  1. Jerryl Lucas

    I thought being rich and being wealthy are the same but after I read this I was enlightened. From now on, I promise you that I will be not just rich but I will be also wealthy. And I will be wise in choosing people around me.

    Thank you for the inspirational article like this and God bless you always.

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