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100+ Business Ideas to Explore & How to Choose the right one for You!

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Click Here To Download the File!

Click Here To Download the File!

One of the top questions that I get from people is “What’s a good business to get into?” If you’ve asked this question yourself then you are in luck because in this article I will not only teach you how to choose one that is right for you but I will also give you 100+ Business Ideas for you to explore further.

So here are the instructions to download the list of 100+ Business Ideas

1.)    Click on the Icon above (Or Click Here)

2.)   When the Page refreshes, type in your contact details and Click “Register”

3.)    Check Your Email Immediately — The file will be emailed directly to your inbox.

Now let’s get started with the second part. Below are 5 questions that will help you tremendously when choosing and pinpointing the right business for you. If you can say YES to all 5 questions for any particular business in the list of ideas, then congratulations as you may have already found the business that you’ve been looking for.

Now, if after going through the list, you still can’t determine what business to get into, not to worry. Through the 5 questions below, I will hopefully clarify for you where you should start in your quest to find the business that you have been searching for.

The 5 Question Test:

Question # 1.) Am I really passionate about the idea? Or am I just joining a Fad?

Many times people start a business based on fads and not what they really want to do. They get into it because their friends or people that they know are getting into it. Instead of thinking this way, try to figure out what you really want to do with your life. If you find a business that allows you to do this, that’s the first positive sign. Scan through the list and just let yourself gravitate towards an idea or two in the list.

Question # 2.) Do I have a Customer / Customers who are willing to buy from me?

In my business seminars I always tell my students that the first step to making money is to find the customer first then build the business later. I also wrote a little bit about this in my article in Manila Bulletin last September 27 “How To Make Money With Zero Capital” but this question goes a little further, ask yourself. “If I get into this particular business, do I know of any one or groups of people who would be willing to buy from me, emphasis on the word me.

Question # 3.) Do I have any experience or skills in this particular business industry?

A very big plus before you start a business is to already have experience in a particular industry whether it is in sales and marketing, finance or operations, inventory management because one of the secrets of Entrepreneurship is to know how to add value to anything that will make it sell better. Your skills and experience matter. So ask yourself, do I have the experience or skills to allow me to carry out this business idea?

Question #4.) Can I commit the time and energy in getting this business started?

It is a myth to think that you can just hire someone to open and run a business for you from the start. I know because I did that before and it ended up horribly wrong. Abdication especially in the beginning will be disastrous. There is no other way about it — You will have to make time to work on developing this business even if it means working on it when you go home after your day job. So ask yourself, “Am I willing to sacrifice a bit of time and effort into getting this business started?  Can I stay committed to it as the going gets tough?”

Question # 5.) Can I see myself leaving this business to my children or the next generation?

Will you be proud of this business if you make it a success? Because believe it or not, 99% of people who want to start a business, want to start not just a racket but a legacy that they can leave their kids and generations to come. So ask yourself, can I see myself passing this business on to my children if they want to take over someday?

Enjoy and Good luck!

Feedback appreciated: I’d like to hear from you directly whether through my blog or email if my articles have helped you, if you have implemented any of the advices I’ve given and what is your most pressing question is about business. Your feedback will help me come up with even more relevant articles in the future.

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  1. tyap

    Thanks I really need that idea

  2. Michael SD. Aquino

    i didnt finish my downloading of 100 business ideas,coz,my internet,i want to register again,but,there’s an error,saying i already subscribe.whats my next step?how could i download this 100 buss.ideas?after registering?

    • markso

      Hi Michael, Since you already registered, just check your email as it should have been delivered the moment you hit register. In that email you will find the link to download the list.

  3. kathy helps me a lot of ideas on how to put up a business.

  4. Jayson

    Hi Sir,
    The 5 questions on how to choose a business is absolutely right, here in our province of Bohol we are more on farming and fishing, that’s why our business here are related of what we have. That idea belongs to Question # 2 to look for the Customers. Everyday i visit your site I become more knowledgeable. Thank for your kindness on sharing of ideas. GOD SPEED and MORE POWER.

    • markso

      Hi Jayson, I’m very happy to hear from you, thanks for writing in. I’m glad that you come back often to keep learning. More great articles from me to come! More power for your fisheries and farms, You will be even more successful as the months go by.

  5. Tyree Nauyen

    I dugg some of you post as I thought they were invaluable very helpful

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