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Wealth Plan

Welcome to the “Wealth Plan”

This is a highly recommended series of articles for you to read, tasks to do, and comments to leave so that you get the most out of the Wealth Flow Project.

Building wealth is different from just making money. This is what I learned the hard way. When I was younger, I spent too much time chasing after money but I was never really able to accumulate “true wealth”. That was until I learned how with the help of my super loving and extremely “smart” wife (She would prefer to be called genius).

Money may come "raining" down from up above

You see, we are all programmed to think that wealth comes from any (or all) of the following means, having a career, building businesses, or investing in profitable assets.The truth is, that is how you make “MONEY”, not wealth. True wealth doesn’t come from chasing after money from up above, it flows from the ground up!

Build your financial "smarts" first

What I mean by that is wealth starts by first building your “smarts” in money management. The Wealth Plan starts from the ground up, where we will build up your financial intelligence and create a super strong foundation for you.

So here is your Wealth Plan to build your smarts in money management. It is a series of tasks (fun activities really) that you must complete in order to really build wealth. Your deadline for these tasks is 1 week (7 days) from today. Honestly you can do this in one night, well maybe two nights so 7 whole days is plenty. So what’ya waiting for?

Let’s begin!

Wealth Plan Week 1

To Do:

1.) Read How To Make Money Run After You (Part 1)

1.1)  Comment on the article

2.) Read The Best Advice I can Give About Money

2.1) Comment on the article

3.) Read Money Management Simplified (Part 1)

3.1) Comment on the article

4.) Read Money Management Simplified (Part 2)

4.1) Comment on the article

5.) Read Money Management Simplified (Part 3)

5.1) Comment on the article

All done? Excellent,

Email me now at

Place in the subject line: “All done for Wealth Plan Week 1”

In the body of the email answer this question: “What obstacles or difficulties did you encounter or are encountering in applying the lessons in your own life?” or if you didn’t have any difficulties: “What have you realized when you started doing it?”

Giving us your feedback is the only way we can help you more. So if you really want to create “true wealth” Send us that email after you complete all your tasks. Also know that we answer every email that we receive. If we don’t reply to you within 48 hours, it means we didn’t get your email so re-send it….Basically, just keep on sending it until we reply Cool?

Good luck with your assignments, talk soon!

Let's get busy!!!








-Mark and Jhoanna!

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