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1. Business and the Start of a Beautiful Relationship (Part 1)

-If you are in debt right now, facing a failed business endeavor or starting to feel down, don’t give in and never give up.  Instead, read on as I hope that through this, you and others like you may know what it takes to win and succeed in anything you do. Click now to read full article and to comment

2. Business and the Start of a Beautiful Relationship (Part 2)

-One month before I met my wife, I started to work and turn my troubled business around. So I did what I should’ve done a long time ago, I fired my non-producing General Manager and her cohort but kept one staff who was loyal to me.  That reduced my costs tremendously. But cutting costs wasn’t enough.  I needed to get more sales in so that I could get out of debt faster. So my wife introduced me to something amazing that helped me and my troubled business recover. Click now to read full article and to comment

3. Business and the Start of a Beautiful Relationship (Part 3)

My problem was that I never really managed the money coming in versus the money going out. Up until that point, I just concentrated on the money coming in, and never really minded where it was going. And worse still, like many men, I was never comfortable talking to women about finances. Like many men, I preferred to keep it a secret…But my wife would have none of this “male money secret” nonsense, she told me point blank “If you really want to marry me, you’ve got to shape up your finances. I’m willing to help you, but you have to get with it.” Now, when your wife speaks like that, you never argue, you just do. Besides, I really did want to marry her. Click now to read full article and comment

4. How to Make Extra Money with Zero Capital

-You Don’t need money to make money! In fact, you can start your own business and create extra income almost immediately with ZERO CAPITAL whether you are currently employed or not.  So, are you ready to take in the secrets that I will share today? Click now to read full article and to comment

5. How I Make My Problems Produce Profits for Me

FACT: “Everyone has problems. And almost everyone I know HATES having to deal with problems.” This absolutely simple truth is the most basic formula for success in all of my businesses. Because while everyone thinks of problems as unwanted nuisances that upset their well being and adds stress to their already stressful lives. I see profitable business opportunities just waiting to be started. Click now to read full article and to comment

6. How to Build Businesses Using the Power of Accumulation

My wife and I used to live in a condo unit when we were newly married. At first, the condo was pretty spacious and needed some furniture so we got a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, then gifts would come from friends and family on special occasions and over time the stuff we had would pile up. …we would feel that the condo was magically getting smaller and smaller. Now this is not because we keep buying stuff, the fact is everyone will eventually have more “stuff” over time. This is what I call “the power of accumulation” and what I wanted to share with you today is how I use this power in businesses. Click here to read full article and to comment

7. How to Increase Business Profits with Minimal Effort

-Today I want to teach those who have a Business or those thinking of starting a business a very simple, very powerful, and almost effortless way to increase profits. And although what I will explain is pretty obvious, most businesses would surprisingly go the complete opposite of what I will share. You might even be practicing this in your business or are planning to do this when you launch your business. So if you want to increase your profits with minimal effort, then please read on. Click here to read full article and to comment

8. Businesspeople are Merchants, NOT Warriors

-A lot of people who want to venture into business have a very healthy dose of competitiveness and most of the time think of starting a business as similar to going to war. You start to buy and read books such as the “art of war” and numerous business strategy books to beat your opponent(s). You have in your heads that to be in business, you must focus on “Killing Competition”. Through the years of teaching and creating businesses, I’ve encountered a lot of start-up businesses and even growing businesses that do not focus on what is really important, and that is learning how to make profits regardless of competition. Click here to read full article and to comment

9. Do Not Over Complicate Your Business

-A few months ago, a friend of mine requested if I could help her nephew (an undergrad student from an Ivy league school) with his business practicum project that he was becoming frustrated with. When we met, I asked him what the problem was and he said “well you see, my team mates do not want to shell out the capital that the group needs to produce the T-Shirts”. So I asked him how much capital he needed.  He said, “Well, we need 200,000 pesos…” I raised my hands to stop him in mid sentence and said: “Whoa, back up there a little bit, 200,000? Why do you need that much money to produce and sell T-Shirts?” Click here to read full article and to comment

10. How I learned to Manage People

-In my earlier years, I never really thought of myself as a manager of people, truth be told I never really understood how important managing people really was until I became an Entrepreneur. And even when I embraced entrepreneurship full time, I made many, many mistakes in this field which taught me huge lessons not just in business but in life over all. I thought that people management was simple: “if you want your business to succeed, you must hire people who have the background to run your business for you.” Little did I know that those thoughts were the most devastating thoughts ever to cross my mind. Why? Click here to read full article and to comment

11. To Catch a Thief, Think like a Thief

-The phone rings in the office at around 10 in the morning and my secretary answers it. It was from a priest, a Monsignor in fact looking for me. I wasn’t around at the time so my secretary asks for his number and purpose of the call. She got the number but the priest didn’t leave any specific reason, just that he wanted to talk to me urgently. Of course the natural reaction of anybody when a priest wants to talk to you would be to return their call as soon as possible. (Maybe he wanted to bless me, who knows right?) So I quickly make it a priority to talk to the man of the cloth.So as the phone was handed over to me, things quickly began to unravel. Click here to read full article and to comment

12. How to Beat Failure in Business

During countless business seminars that I’ve conducted since 2003, one of the most common concerns of people in starting a business is about the risks involved and the fear of failing. A very valid concern indeed, one which to the inexperienced is incredibly intimidating and very limiting to a person’s full potential.So in this article I’m going to explain in very practical terms how entrepreneurs like me beat failure every single time. Click here to read full article and to comment

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