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Business and The Start of A Beautiful Relationship – Part 1

Posted by on Nov 1, 2009 in Business Management | 26 comments

This article series is about the story about how I started in business, the hardships I faced, how my wife was instrumental in making me succeed and the most critical decision I made in my life. If you are in debt right now, facing a failed business endeavor or starting to feel down, don’t give in and never give up.  Instead, read on as I hope that through this, you and others like you may know what it takes to win and succeed in anything you do.

Generating money for me was as natural as breathing. But after college, I decided to work for someone else and the pay was very good. I put my entrepreneurial ways aside because the salary, benefits and perks were just too convenient and hard to let go. As a result, I became complacent, over confident and cocky which made me careless about managing whatever I made. I spent it all on useless stuff. I never thought about the future because I honestly never saw that far. I was single, lived like there was no tomorrow and always thought, “I’ll spend my money now because I do not want to scrimp and save and be a slave to money. There is no reason to start thinking of the future. Live today because tomorrow you may die.”

I was a fool. I became careless and my debt began to pile up.

Then I decided to revert to my old entrepreneurial ways to augment my income. I thought that because of my high pay, I now have capital to start a serious business. Never mind if I was getting deeper and deeper into debt, never mind that I didn’t know how to manage the money that I earned, I’ll just do it.  I was young, handsome and stupid.

At that time, I was working full time in a multinational company. Because of the time constraints and pressures of my day job, I decided to just “let my money work for me”. I could not personally oversee the business on a day to day basis, so I hired a general manager and she convinced me to hire her cohorts with disgustingly high salaries. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up putting in 90% of my salary and bonuses into this business. Within 8 months, my debt had soared to close to a million pesos.

During the 6th to 8th month, I was already feeling the money drain away from me. I was always waiting for payday to come, this time not to enjoy the luxuries of life but to pay off whatever debt I had accumulated and the needs of the business which up until that point did not produce a single cent of income. My General Manager and her cohorts were milking me for all that I had and although I knew it, I was too arrogant to admit it at that time.

It was exactly like a dramatic movie scene where the room was dark and only the faint moonlight was peeking in, and in the corner of that room was me sitting, crying, and feeling the world falling apart. I couldn’t even think straight, I was close to a million pesos in debt. My job was my only lifeline and I was getting really tired of seeing all my hard earned money go away. Why and how did I get into this mess in the first place?

I asked myself repeatedly if I should close down the business and just pay off my debt slowly through my salary or if I should continue it and try to turn it around. The easy way out was the first option, and it was very, very tempting to just give in, to just give up.

Now I rarely find myself wallowing in self pity, it has never really been my style so after a full hour of drama alone in that dark room I made the most critical decision in my life.

I said to myself in a stern, scolding voice. “Get up, fix this and get it done. You have never been a loser Mark, don’t you dare start acting like one now” That night was the first turning point in my life which no one else could do for me, except me. So I got up, washed my face and started to feel better. So for those who have serious financial problems: “Get Up, Fix It and Get it Done. The first step is for you to first help yourself.”




1 month before I met my wife: At that point, I had made a decision to fix the business, turn it around and get it done. Problem is, you will never get it done until you find a good enough reason to. For a month, the only reason that was driving me to fix the business was my ego but it was not enough. I found myself ready to give in and take the easy way out again.

I needed a stronger reason to stick to my decision. I prayed religiously for a month, and on October 9, 2000, that prayer was answered. The reason came in the form of my wife. You see I met my wife because I wanted to make a deal with her company to turn my business around. She was an entrepreneur herself and being more seasoned than me, she quickly turned down my business proposal. These were her exact words: “Your deal doesn’t make any sense for us to get into it.” That line, harsh as it may seem to you right now was actually the start of a beautiful relationship.

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  1. Noel De Leon

    Wow, very inspiring story! I can relate to your old belief Sir Mark (“I’ll spend my money now because I do not want to scrimp and save and be a slave to money. There is no reason to start thinking of the future. Live today because tomorrow you may die.”)… I also think that way before. Now, I’m starting to change that belief. I’ll share this story to my friends Sir Mark, I know this will help them. I’ll continue reading on the next part. Thank you very much for this. God bless.

    • markso

      Glad you got to read and relate to the article Noel. I’m also very happy that you are realizing what needs to be done. Do read on as I hope it gives you even more reasons to change for the better.

  2. al

    nice and inspiring stories, i can relate in some parts. i once owned a small business (taxi) but after 5 years i closed it down and pay a lot of debt. right now i focused on my my daytime job. hopefully through this project i can learned a lot and fully recover to reached my financial goal.


  3. Nabila Conde

    Sir Mark, very good story. I would like to ask how did you know you want to start your own business and what made you decide to put up that business? what are the factors?

  4. Glo

    I want to have more money than what I am presently receiving so I can pay all our bills and start saving for our dream home. This is my problem…I am afraid to do something different other than having this regular job.

    • markso

      There comes a point in everyone’s life where you have to get out of your comfort zone. First figure out why you are afraid. Then overcome it. easier said than done I know but that is the simple answer. 😉 Best to you Glo

  5. tes di

    tnx for sharing, i didn’t knew that even rich people have awakening moments… it’s easier for us less privileged to be “AWAKEN” as poverty is staring at us ….. and telling us that we better shape up or else..

  6. Jen

    Hi! your articles are really great and I am learning a lot. I just hope that my business partner will accept the fact that we need help more than the money to manage our business and be able to bounce back and continue its operation.

  7. Robert Rafson Chua


    i really enjoy reading about how you and Jhoanna met and how she help you because in a lot of ways my wife has save me many times and i truly believe that needing a reason to be a better person is the best motivation.

  8. marichu

    wow, very inspiring and realistic.

  9. lolly leong

    YES! I believe in you. Help yourself is the very first step to fix your life . Don’t just say it, you must do it. Your article is so inspiring.

  10. Roy Hipolito

    I could relate to your story. But sometimes when you have so much debts, its really hard
    to stand up and fix oneself. I am in huge debt right now to whom I asked a big favor to
    consolidate all my credit card debts. Am living, the day on a day to day basis

  11. Gillian Sturchio

    Simply wanna state that this is very beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  12. James

    Great story. Everyone needs a wake up call.

    • ARL

      very inspiring sir… i got no job… what is left of me is a small and almost on the brink of loosing business…

  13. Aze

    I was moved. I can relate to this. I have debts to pay. So, Aze, GET UP! FIX IT! and GET IT DONE!

  14. bheng

    ive grown up not in a rich family so when given the chance to go abroad after a 2 yr college course to be of help in providing for my family’s needs is easy for me because i’ve been raised by my lola tobe thrift as she herself is.but aftermarrying my husband who influenced me a lot in spending it all without saving for tomorrow we have both consumed it til we are so in debt that we cant even arrived for the next payday.luckily i thank GOD who is our great provider who slowly helped us and given us the wisdom and knowledge to turn things around. and here i am filling my head with knowledge i can apply to our everyday lives.thank you sir and im looking forward to great results as i move forward reading and doing your advices.

  15. Ron Domasig

    Hehehe.. inspiring. Get up fix the problem and look for a wife. Just kidding. Actually this happened to me two years ago. Good thing is that I never gave up. Thanks. Nice story.

  16. Ruel A.

    Hehe! I like your love story sir. Probably you devotedly go to Quiapo church or Baclaran church and keep praying that miracle will happen to save you from the mess. God listen to your prayers and He sends Ma’am Jhoanna in your life. And it’s good thing it happened bec both of you help us, educate us (for free), inform us and share your experience so that we were able to learn. And bec of that, I’m extending my gratitude to you and your wife sir, Thank you so much po.

  17. thel

    Thanks for sharing your story..It motivates people to stand up and never quit in times of challeges.

  18. cynthia s. abelgas

    this is very romantic, a start of a beautiful love story combine with a true to life financial woes..


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