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Welcome to Wealth Flow Project!

My name is Mark So, my wife and I decided to create this site so that we can teach those who are tired of chasing after money and still haven’t created “wealth” in their lives.

There are Generally 3 ways to make money

There are generally three ways to make money: Have a prosperous career, be great at investments, or excel in businesses.  And we will be tackling all three in the Wealth Flow Project as this is how me and my wife have grown and continue to grow our wealth.

However, being good in making money is not enough to create “wealth”. That is only half of the equation, to truly create wealth, and make it “flow” towards you, you will need Practical (and easy to do) Money Management tactics, which is primarily why this site, and the Wealthflow Project exists.

Are you standing on a Money Management Black Hole?

Speaking from our own experience, most people are standing on a money management black hole, which constantly sucks the wealth they are trying to build as soon as it comes in.

>>I was personally struggling for a long time with money even though my income was well above average. My problem, and I guess yours too is NOT JUST about how to make money, but how to keep it when you get it. Am I right?

Well, that all changed for me when I met my wife. She made me a “better man”. Through 11 years (and counting) of painstaking “trials and errors”, many “loving arguments”, and a lot of “tough love”, my wife and I have and continue to improve our money management skills. So much so that we are no longer standing on a black hole but a “mountain” of experience and practical action plans.

Learn to create a Mountain of Wealth!

Now, we feel that it is time for us to share what we know so that we improve not just your life but ours as well. As we share what we have done in our lives, the more we realize what else we need to do. We love to learn, and we love to share, and most of all, we love to prosper by helping other people do the same.

We hope to teach and help a million people who are struggling financially as well as those who want to get to the next level in their wealth building activities with simple, doable and practical tips that we practice in our own lives.

Join us in our mission, spread the word and learn from what we share. It’s easier than you think!

Here’s how to get started:

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The Wealthflow Plan is the step by step guide on what articles to read in the proper order. Although all our articles can be read as is, it would be best to read it in a specific sequence so that you fully maximize your learning and take away from the project. Of course, by signing up either above or on the right of this page, you will receive around 4 FREE articles from us every month. All we ask in return is for you to read and comment on as many articles as possible. The more people who read and comment, the more free articles we will publish.

Enjoy Your Journey with us at Wealth Flow Project!

We look forward to teaching you to stop running after money, make money run after you, and create wealth flow that truly lasts!

Keep learning, keep growing, keep sharing!


All the best!

Mark and Jhoanna Gan-So, Founders –

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