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How To Make Money Run After You (Part 1)

Posted by on Aug 3, 2011 in Money Management | 407 comments

Wealth is never destroyed, only transferred


Today, I want to share a very special topic — How to make money run after you. This is a topic that I have never shared with the public before now. It is I believe something that anyone and everyone can and should benefit from, especially those who have been looking but could not yet to find a job. For those working very hard but still not having enough to make ends meet. For those who are stressed out with not having enough money, and are becoming desperate, this article is for you.

Don’t think for one second that because the world is in financial crisis that there is no more money going around, the truth is far from it. The fact is, the world is literally overflowing with money.  It may not seem like it to you right now my dear reader but read on and let me enlighten you.

Always remember this: Money is never destroyed, only transferred.

Wealth, on a daily basis is constantly being transferred from those who do not know how to handle money to those who know how. Even, and most especially, during financial crisis, does what I just said hold its truest meaning. My goal in this article is to make you one of those people where wealth is transferred to and not taken from.

First let me take the most recent financial crisis, break it down for you and explain how wealth was transferred in relatively simple terms, then let me show you the steps to take today so that we begin the process of “wealth flow”.  This article will be the first of a series, and after each article I will give you an activity or task to do. If you seriously want money to run after you, I strongly recommend that you follow the assignments for every article and give me feedback every step of the way.

In the most recent financial crisis in the US that started June of 2007 and reached its peak in October of 2008, the US stock market and consequently the Philippine Stock market had lost more than 50% of its value. Most people panicked and took out their money, or whatever that was left of it for fear of losing even more. When they did that, they lost half of their wealth in just a few short days, which took almost a lifetime to build. As of September 29, 2008 according to CNN money, approximately $1.2 Trillion dollars was wiped out in the US alone.

Let me repeat: The money was not lost. It was merely transferred.

During the same crisis, there were a few, very few brave souls who bought those stocks at extremely low prices. They held on to it, and became a whole lot richer overnight.

**Warning: Do not get overwhelmed with what I’m going to share next; Even if my examples are in Billions of US dollars, the principles that I want you to pick up, will and can be applied to your situation. Also, and more importantly, do not put in everything you have in any investment vehicle because of this. This is not the point of my example**

In the US, the most notable figure to do this of course was Warren Buffet who at the time bought a significant chunk of shares of Goldman Sachs in September 2008. Despite the odds and the panic, Buffet bought those shares at basement bargain prices, He invested $5 billion, held on to it during the worst of the crisis (which was October 2008), and turned it into $8.7billion just recently. Another similar story, although he did not buy stocks but rather bet against them (a.k.a. short trading), John Paulson of Paulson and Co. made a killing betting against the US subprime mortgage market. He made $4 Billion after the worst of the crisis was over. Although Buffet and Paulson were the few covered by the media, there were more who made a killing as well, the public at large just didn’t know it.

Okay, you might be thinking well those guys are professional investors, how can I ever come close to doing that myself? Well, first let me explain that this is just one of many, many examples of “wealth flow transference”. You don’t have to be in stocks or investments to apply what I will be teaching you in the next few articles. And for those of you who know me and have been following my many articles, you know that I will teach you how to do it in a very practical and “anybody-can-do-it” way, so please, read on.

Also, I will not be saying that you cannot be a billionaire, I will leave that option wide open for anybody willing to try, but before we think about billions, or even millions, let’s first come back down to earth and start with the basics.

How and where do I begin?

I’m designing this and the succeeding articles to be very thorough and slow so that you not just understand it but experience it by applying it into your life, article by article. Of course you can go faster if you wish and I will inform you how to do that in the very, very near future.

In the meantime, this should be your first “realization” for this article– Running after money if you do not know how to manage it will result in forever chasing after money. Get your house in order first, build a strong foundation for money management first and you will see that the money will start running towards you and staying with you!

Now to learn and apply this lesson, here are your first assignment(s)

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and Comment on this article to participate
  2. Read the next article — “The Most Important Advice About Money I can Ever Give You”

Good luck and see you in the next article!



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  1. Leonides "LEO" Reyes

    blessed morning sir… thank you for people like you that are sharing their knowledge and wisdom to help other people… may i learn more from you… more power! god be with you all the time!

    • markso

      Hi Leo, appreciate the kind words. Come back often and you will learn more. Also share this article with all your friends and acquaintances so that they may benefit as well. Talk soon!

      • Jen

        Hi Mark! this is a mind opener indeed especially when we are one of those impulse buyer that before we know it we run out of cash because of sudden purchases without realizing the real need of the acquired product. I hope to remember when in the middle of “sale”

        • markso

          Glad to help. Do continue reading and learning. Lots more info and “aha” moments in the other articles. If you haven’t done so, please do subscribe to the wealthplan found on the right side of each article.

          • Venice tolentino

            Hi Mark,

            Thank you for sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experiences regarding wealth and money. Hope to learn more from you.

      • rizza

        hi mark,

        am starting to get interested. god bless you on your wisdom and your
        willingness in sharing it.

        • Jerwin

          Hello Sir So,

          I really appreciate the information being shared. I was interested in the fact that even in a crisis money can still be made, really it is a testament that even a misfortune can be turned into an opportunity. Hope to learn more in the future.

    • Lilia


      Thank you very much for sharing knowledge for free w/ us. More power & I expect more inspiring articles from you. Little by littel I apply it to myself & I share it also my brother’s & sisters.

  2. bern

    …earning is one thing, but getting my house in order is another. i honestly don’t know much about money management, and i’ve already learned a lot from your articles. thank you very much! i like that what you write is very simple, practical, and easily applicable. God bless!

    • markso

      Glad you wrote in Bern. I hope you now know how to get your house in order by reading my money management simplified articles. If not, please go ahead and do so. Come back often and comment more. i’ll be sure to reply.

  3. Gigs Macusi

    dear Mark,

    loads of wonderful articles here! thank you for sharing! take care! 🙂

  4. Mark Arevalo

    Hi mark thanks for the inspiration, motivation, experiences that you shared to us, you really gods gift to us, keep it up! Happy monster pips to you godblessed:-)

  5. precius david

    hi mark, it’s my first time to ‘really’ read through your article and i sure am bent on applying the learnings. i have been in constant struggle to make ends meet, where income is never equated with expenses (there’s always a negative variance!). i watched mr. colayco and a few financial advisors say that it’s all about money management, and though i find it quite a challenge, i do agree it’s not how much you earn but how you handle it that matters. one point mentioned that i would like to keep is this – income less savings equals expenses, and not income less expenses equals savings. hard but practical. looking forward to more tips mark, kudos to you for sharing your expertise =)

    • markso

      Hi Precius, everything worth doing in life is never easy as it takes real effort. So if you really want to make ends meet, it is worth the effort of not just reading what you must do. You really must do it. Take the hard road and you will see results soon enough. The hardest part is always the first few steps. After that, it becomes easier as you progress. Keep reading, keep applying so that you keep learning.

  6. marivic

    Hi Mark! thank you very much for sharing this wonderful article. Actually all of your articles are very inspirational and advantageous. Thank you for keeping us motivated and encouraged. God Bless you and your family. Be safe always.

  7. Ronald

    Hi Mark! This is a wonderful site! Thanks for sharing your expertise. Hope to learn from your articles the same way as I learned from your Forex Class. And more importantly, I hope to get more motivation as I read these inspiring articles. More power!

  8. Dexter

    Ganda ng new site mo Mark, I just started building my money foundation last June 2011 because of your suggestions keep up the good work! God Bless!

  9. Chris E.

    Hey Mark! Thank you so much for this free resource about making money chase after you instead of the other way around. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the series of these articles and apply all of them soon. kudos! 🙂

  10. Glo

    “Running after money if you do not know how to manage it will result in forever chasing after money”…I guess I am one of those always running after the money. I am 5 years now working here in the Middle East and still no savings, no house in the Philippines, etc….I’m glad to found this site and will look forward to receive more inspiring articles!

    • markso

      Nice to hear from you Glo. i’m glad my article has reached you. Please make sure to sign up for the wealthflow plan so that you can really follow my lessons. Be sure to do the assignments I give you. Talk soon!

  11. hannah eunice diaz

    Hi Sir Mark! I’m learning a lot from your articles and decided to commit myself to financial prosperity. Since college, I’m reading your articles in Manila Bulletin where I came to know about your website. Thank you for sharing valuable information on financial matters. 🙂

  12. Boikhutso

    Money management is critical for me right now, I’ve been married 11 months now, with a 1 month old beautiful daughter, and really want to stop chasing “making ends meet” for my ladies. I work as a health researcher and have always dreamed of starting a mushroom farming enterprise. Just this friday (09/09/11) I was afforded the opportunity to make this a reality when I was allocated a plot of agricultural land that I had been trying to aquire for the past 4 years. You articles are a great source of information, inspiration and motivation, as I face the challenge of running my own business. God bless.

    PS My wife loves them to (your articles),so they facilitate our discussions on the business we are about to start.

    • markso

      Congratulations! Children always bring luck to their parents. I am glad that you and your wife discuss my lessons. If you and your wife have not yet done so, please subscribe to the wealth plan to make the most out of the project. Talk soon!

  13. Noel De Leon

    Hi Sir Mark! Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I now realize that money is never destroyed, only transferred. I also learned that one will be forever chasing after money if he or she doesn’t know how to manage it. Thank you for keeping us motivated and inspired. I like the way you simplify money matters for us so that we can easily understand and put the learnings into action. God Bless and more power!

  14. John Hermeno

    Hi Mark!

    I hope to learn a lot and also start building my wealth. Looking forward to reading your articles.

    By the way, your cartoons are pretty entertaining as well!

    Thank you and regards,

    • markso

      Thanks again John, if you have not yet done so, please subscribe to the wealth plan on the right of every page of this site. This will ensure our articles reach you in the proper sequence.

  15. jay

    ‘first, money management’… got it! Thanks Mark! you’re a great help to a lot of people (like me) searching for ways to achive financial literacy. congratulation and more power.

  16. CJ

    Thanks very much for taking time out to teach those who need it. Hopefully at my young age (25yo) it is still not too late to learn.

  17. Princess Velasquez

    Whew! Tough reading – easy to understand words but with deep meanings. Thank you for sharing. Can i appoint you as one of my financial mentors? Well, i don’t think you don’t have any choice now because I’m a subscriber in your wealth project. Ha ha ha, got you into. Congratulations Mark So, you are now my financial mentor. Seriously though, thank you for these articles. I will put my house in order first then i will go to the next level. Thanks for inspiring us to do better. Keep these ideas flowing! God Bless!

    • markso

      Hi Princess, glad you are very enthusiastic. That is exactly the purpose of this site, to mentor a million (or more) people on “Wealth Flow”. We hope you complete the assignments we give you. Talk soon!

  18. al

    hi Mark,

    what do you mean by “Get your house in order first, build a strong foundation for money management first “? can you pls englighten me?


    • markso

      Hi Al, it means being first financially smart before money and wealth flows towards you. If you signed up for the wealth plan, you will recieve emails from me giving you articles to read and tasks to complete. If you follow instructions, you will become smarter financially and you will “get your house in order”. Hope this clarifies

  19. richard c viador

    hi mark,truly unless i or we made a strong fooundation money will not run after me. as an ofw who earns a lot we where wondering how we a re going to make money rolled up as when we are on vacation money runs out so fast, and after a few months the hard earrned money was depleting and we are chasing the money again looking for another employment abroad.sir hoping to meet u personally, i am praying to God for a mentor for my finances and i found your name in the book perang hindi bitin.thank you God for the two couples who helped us to be financially blessed!!! sana po ma meet po kta.

  20. Pia

    I guess I am one of those highly skeptical people. But I have made up my mind to take a chance on you and I hope you can steer me in the right direction. It seems that no matter what I do, how hard I work, how much I earn… I can’t even start paying for the house I dream about. I’ve read so many articles, invested in a lot of business, but I still end up at the bottom of the period. I am curious and I look forward to learn your secrets about “how to may money run after ME.” =)

  21. patty

    Hi ! Mark and jhoana, thanks for sharing one of the principles of financial education. I will share this with my siblings. I hope I will be able to implement soonest what I will learn from your future articles. 🙂

  22. patty

    Hi ! Mark and jhoana, thanks for sharing one of the principles of financial education. I hope I will be able to implement soonest what I will learn from your future articles. 🙂

  23. Jomel O. Villanueva

    Gud day sir,

    Actually I started money management already last year, and was able to finish all my financial obligation, pay off my debts..etc…and suddenly one of my family members had some serious illness and had to share some amount money for the hospitalization. And my finances, again went back to the bottom…Sometimes luck is not on my side.

    Thank You


    • markso

      Hi Jomel, I understand how you feel, but you see, I thought that way too. But I was wrong, there is a way to turn your “luck” around. There is a way to safe guard your family and yourself from financial catastrophe. If you haven’t done so, please continue reading part 2, 3, and 4 of the series as I start talking about that.

  24. Josephine Yu

    The tendency to panick is always a human reaction in times of financial crises. Even in stock trading, whenever the stock marekt begins to drop, people start to sell. One thing that puzzles me is how to determine when is the bottomline. Like Warren Buffet, he has the guts and he knows when to buy at the bargain price. Is that an art that can be learned?

  25. Romeo Teodoro

    I never thought of money management before. I lost a lot of money because of my ignorance in money management. I am in my late 40’s and still running a lot of money. I really wasted a lot of time and money.

  26. Romeo Teodoro

    Sorry, I should have said “… running after money instead of running a lot of money.

    • markso

      Hi Romeo, it is never too late. This is why the wealth flow project exists. If you haven’t done so, please sign up for the wealth plan so that our articles can be read in the proper sequence and so we can guide you and help you stop running after money.

  27. Geraldine


    thanks for the insight. Now, I have learned that whenever there is a crisis, the money is not destroyed but merely transferred. I hope that you continue to impart your knowledge to us so we can improve our financial aspect of our lives. more power!

    • markso

      Hi Geraldine, not just during times of crisis is money and wealth transferred, it happens every single day. A person who is financially smarter will always make money and wealth flow towards them, while those who are not (yet) financially smart will make money and wealth flow away from them. As a result, the latter will always be running after money and not the other way around. Talk soon!

  28. Gayel S. Mabango

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    I chance upon your article at Manila Bulletin while taking care of my mother at the hospital (She died last August 24 due to heart failure). I’m still running after money up to this time. Hope to learn the proper money management through your program. Thanks for having people like you and your wife. Best regards.

  31. Mamy

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  32. Mars

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    • markso

      Hey Mars, long time no hear, hope the family is doing well. When you finish your tasks for week 1, email me your biggest obstacles. That way we can understand and help you better to turn your life around. Talk soon

  33. Ruben Cu Jr.

    Classmate Mark,
    You and Joanna are doing great educating many people about Financial management. Keep it up!

  34. Rico A. Funtanar

    Hi Mark! Thanks a lot for the wake-up call…I needed that


  35. Ernie Cruz

    Hi Mark! It’s been a long time. Wealth Flow Project — this is very interesting. Let us see where it leads me 🙂 Hopefully with a pot full of gold.

    I am planning to attend your FX refresher whenever my schedule clears up.


  36. Uly

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    Hi Sir Mark, First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your amazing website. I am really proud to have you as one of my respected mentors. I believe this site will help a lot of people. On this article, The most important thing I realized is that “Wealth is never destroyed, only TRANSFERRED”, now it is up to us on how we can think of ways to take a chunk of this wealth that is available for all. Also, I also realized the importance of having an abundant mindset because as you said wealth is never destroyed and wealth is always available to us. It is now up to us to take action, invest in ourselves and think of ways on how to make money run after us. Looking forward on more inspiring articles sir. Regards to your wife and your baby daughter.


  38. Janine

    Hi Mr. Mark! Thank you for this helpful article! I come from a lower middle class family and I want to be financially literate and to know how to manage my money. I’ve been purchasing different self-help books on finance and business, watching videos and reading articles on money management… your blog is really helpful in educating me about money. I’m new to this site btw. God bless you 🙂

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  42. Jol

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    Your article is easy to read and u explain it well that everybody can understand.
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    God Bless!


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  46. elymae

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      Welcome to the project Elymae, please make sure to sign up for the wealth plan so that you can read all articles in the proper sequence.

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      Thanks for the additional info Neri. Keep reading, keep sharing, keep growing. Hope you already signed up for the Wealth Plan. Best

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    Hi Mark and Jhoanna,
    This is really an amazing thing to do for the Filipinos. Investing has never been popular here and many people would really benefit from this. I just hope this reaches those people who would opt to invest, go into business and improve their careers. God bless you more! Mabuhay kayo!

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      It takes a lot of tough love and honesty, but when you break through and really talk to each other, your marriage will be one of the best things in life that keep you happy and motivated. It is our hope that you do find what it is you are looking for Rita and may it indeed soon come to life.

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      Wecome to the project Aldwin. It is our hope that you realize what you need to do to start turning your life around. Keep reading and keep commenting. Best!

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      Awesome Das. Jhoanna and I wish you all the best in your journey, it is because of people like you that make us want to share more. God bless you, your family, and your endeavors.

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      Having guts and taking risks does not always equate to losing money. There are ways to take risks and still be risk free, so keep on reading and I will teach you and the rest of the readers more. All the best to you Rogelio!

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    that this is what every Filipino should

    have. Financial Literacy. I am so excited

    about this project. Now, I am taking my

    first step to reach my goal.Financial

    Freedom. Thank you so much for sharing

    your wisdom.

    I am having a hard time managing my money.

    I have tried different ways to save and

    prioritize my needs however, in the end,

    still no savings. I need more education

    and “smarts” in money management in order

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    i was introduced by filipino friend to a malaysian investor to join and invest with offshore investments company….

    The lesson i gain from this article is that never put all the eggs in one basket….always make another form of investments. thank you mark for your articles. regards

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    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.

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    That’s the question. That’s why i want to learn from
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    Anyway, i’ll keep on reading your articles because i know
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