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How To Make Money Run After You (Part 2)

Posted by on Aug 14, 2011 in Money Management | 95 comments

Getting Rid Of Money Leeches


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Okay, let’s continue where we left off and go a little deeper on being more financially prepared so that wealth starts flowing towards you instead of away from you.

Our lesson today is about being aware and effectively stopping your Money Leeches!

Money Leeches as I’d like to call them are the People, or “Cosmically uncanny” situations that just happen to show up at the very exact moment you come into some money. Sound familiar? Think back…Do you remember the time that you got that P5,000 bonus from your job, or a sideline or unexpected business from a client?

Who called you or showed up at your doorstep needing urgent help or “who just happened to drop by” that very same week needing exactly P5,000?

Did your car, refrigerator, cell phone, or something else break down needing some urgent repairs totaling more or less P5,000?

Did you just happen to go to the mall that weekend, which incidentally was having a 50% off Sale on all items and bought something that you would never ever use for more or less P5,000?

I’m pretty sure you are smiling right now because you know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you? Yup, whoever he or she is, whatever “situation” arose the last time you came into money, you have just identified your money leeches.

I know because I used to have lots of them. And I thought that that was the story of my life. And because I thought that way, the next time I got into some money, the Money leeches would come! It became a reality for me, so much so that all the money I made almost always went to some “Urgent” or “Useless” expense.

The problem is that most of these money leeches are usually family members or close friends. Or when situations arise, like your appliance breaking down or a cellphone being stolen or any similar incident is that you feel that it was by divine providence and that it was beyond your control and you just have to give in.

Let me say right now, they can be stopped and it can be controlled. But it will take a major attitude and cultural change in you. It will require a lot of effort and a very “thick” face but if you apply what I will share, you will immediately achieve a Major breakthrough in our “wealth transfer project.”

First, stop thinking that having money leeches is normal. It is not. You have to change your attitude right now.

here’s your first assignment that will help you do just that.

1.)    On a blank piece of paper I want you to hand write the following: >>Make sure that it is “Hand written” not type written:

“Having Money Leeches will kill me financially, I am now aware, I will defend myself and get rid of them now! ___________. (print your first name on the blank space then sign your name on top of it)

2.)    Scan that piece of paper or take a digital picture of it.

3.)    Email it to me as soon as you can. Please note that if you email it to me, you are allowing me to post it on this website should I choose to do so.

4.)    Prominently place that piece of paper in your wallet so that you can see it every time you open it.

The exercise above is meant to “kick start” your brain to acting and thinking about defending yourself against these money leeches. And yes, it is true, If you do not fix it right now, you will die financially.

Next, identify the people who are NOT immediate family members who constantly ask for money from you. Note, these are the people who are NOT your wife, your children, your brother, your sister oryour 2 parents.

Here’s what you tell the people who are NOT immediate family the next time they ask for money:

Situation: My _______ just got hospitalized, Can I borrow P5,000? (Or whatever amount)

Response: “I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope _______ is alright. I wish I could give you P5,000 but I can only afford to give P50 right now hope you understand.

Regardless of the situation or any amount that a Non-immediate family wants to “borrow” from you, only offer P50! There will be 3 possible reactions: reaction 1: insulted, and will never want to ask money from you again. Reaction 2: they are grateful and they take it. Reaction 3: They negotiate. Regardless of their reaction only be willing to give P50 and not a centavo more.

It might seem heartless to you but it has to be done if you really want to get rid of the money leeches. Remember, this is to be used ONLY for non-immediate family. They are not your burden, they are not your problem. The priority you should always be your Immediate family. What if, God forbid, something should happen to any one of your children? Your wife?  Your Husband? Your sister? Your brother? Your Parents? And you don’t have money because you gave your money to someone else. Now that would be a real tragedy. If you can’t do this for yourself, then do this for your immediate family, reserve your generosity for them. But be smart about how you go about it. In the next article, I will talk about how to financially protect your immediate family and yourself from Money Leeches within your immediate family.

Here is your 2nd assignment:

Give me feedback. Scroll down to the bottom of this article and Post a comment: What I am interested in is not praises (although that would be nice too), instead, complain to me about the problems you have in completing the assignments. Yes, you read it right, post a comment below on why you don’t think this or any of the assignments I have given you will ever work for you. Believe me, I will read every single one — even yours and I promise that I will not ban you or even get mad at you when you do. It is all part of the process.

Good luck!

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  1. Jon

    i would love to hear and receive more from you. because i know that i am earning more than anyboby that i know in my field, but all the earnings that i have, is sadly gone, i can relate to this article and willing to take the chance of how will money will run after me.

    • markso

      Hi Jon, thanks for writing in. If you haven’t done so, please complete the assignments in this article. Then read part 1 and do the assignments there. Talk soon!

    • Lilia

      Maraming salamat po talaga! alam nyo napakaganda ng mga article ninyo. Sana’a ipagapatuloy nyo ang pabibigay ng inspiration sa bawat Pilipino para mabawasan ang mga mahihirap. Kasi sa totoo lang po kaya maraming mahirap dahil walang alam kung ano ang dapat gawin sa kung ano ang mayroon sila. Hindi nila alam ang dapat ipriprity saka hindi. Sana po ay magkarron kayo ngscolumn sa mga dyaryong tagalog para mas marami po ang makaalam at maintindihan ang mga article ninyo.Kasi po hinid naman lahat ng pinoy sa nakakaintindi ng English kaya sa na po ay may tagalog version po para dun sa mga may maliliit na negosyo ngayon at gustong mapaganda ang kanilang buhay kahit hindi sila nakatapos ng pag-aaral. Alam nyo po halos pareho tayo ng mga experience sa credit card at sa mga taong nagkunwari ay kaibigan tapos nangutang tapos wala na. God Bless u more!

      • markso

        Maraming salamat Lilia! Gagawan natin ng paraan yan. Ang site na ito ay puedeng basahin sa tagalog by next week. Hindi lang magiging diretso o tama ang translation sa lahat pero, makakatulong na rin siguro.

    • Timoteo Villanueva Jr.

      Such a good advice and bird”s eye view for me . Thank you so much sir and to your wife. Best wishes to you and your family. What about a family member who would borrow you cash and wont pay due to her negative income and her need is really necessary and urgent then another family member with the same condition do so. What about this automatic teller machine which gradually tempt to withdraw cash anytime. Is there such a way to avoid this money leech. Thank you for your attention.

      • Timoteo Villanueva Jr.

        It is not easy to find ways specially family members who do not have cash enough for their needs. The other one is the automatic teller machine which continually tempts to withdraw cash any time. How can these be controlled sir?

  2. bern

    this just happened to me recently. the only problem is… (well, not really a problem 😉 was that it was my wife who asked. it was for some family related medical assistance and i was happy to oblige 😀

  3. Bea

    Mark, my problem with the first assignment is and always have been, my husband and I don’t pool together our resources. Eversince I worked and have been earning more than my hubby, he does not share his expenses with me. Always telling me that he spends his money for the family.
    It is so hard for me to make a budget, much more stick to it.
    I really don’t know how to change my financial pattern without the cooperation of my husband.

    • markso

      Bea, I totally understand your situation as I was once like that to my wife. It is really a “Man” thing to be secretive with money matters for a few reasons. I will discuss these in a future article. I and my wife too started with separate accounts and we have found a system that works well for us after lots of “adjustments” to one another. I will be discussing more of this (with my wife) in an article down the road.

      In the mean time, I suggest that you practice first with your own account and your own money and then later on, integrate your husband, We will try to expound in the future article how my wife convinced me and how I finally became more astute with money handling so that hopefully you and your husband can do the same.

  4. everyroundcounts

    Hi Sir Mark. I always enjoy and learn a lot from your posts. I recommended your blog to my college friends, though I need to work on their mindset more (the starting point). But I’m just very grateful for the knowledge you share in every post. Looking forward to Part 3!

    Money Management Simplified helped me a lot. It’s very simple and I’ve shared this also to teach my pamangkins. 🙂

    More power Sir Mark!

    • markso

      Thank you very much. I look forward to posting a lot more very, very soon. Please do come back often and share these articles on facebook. There is a link below each article for you to do just that.


  5. al

    its a good idea how we reject people without embarrasing him/her and it really happen to me but the situation is different, one friend of mine borrow money not that much but instead of lending him i called his brother to give money and i will just pay him. what the brother did was call my friend (borrower) and scold him. they are both my friend its just am close to the other(not the borrower). and then i received a text from that borrower saying he tought i was a friend and text something we are all the same (no one lend him money).

  6. Mamy

    I can so much relate.

  7. Noel De Leon

    Sir Mark, this is one of my problems. I don’t know if this assignment will work for me because I’m kinda merciful or compassionate whenever I face these kinds of situations, but I’ll give it a try next time it happens.

    Before, whenever a friend or non-immediate family wants to borrow money from me, especially if they need it for emergency, I feel I need to help and find a way to lend them money. Now, I understand and will always remember that my immediate family should always be my priority. I will reserve my generosity for them. Thank you Sir Mark!

    • markso

      Hi Noel, your family will be very proud of you, and always remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being merciful or compassionate. The article is not about making you heartless, it is about making you prioritize who to be generous to. Be generous to your immediate family first, they are your priority, not the leeches. The first time you try the lessons, you will feel bad, those who are used to getting something from you will curse you, get angry at you, and think you are a jerk. But, that is what it takes to be the husband and father you have to be. Also, continue reading parts 3 as it gets worse, then finally read part 4 as it gets better from there, I assure you.

  8. Ernie Cruz

    Hi Mark! Luck me! No leeches around.

    Like you said , our “family” – our first “priority.

    Excellent topic.

  9. Romeo Teodoro

    Hi Mark… I am known as “kuripot” and unapproachable so there are no leeches around me. I have no problem in this issue.

  10. Nabila Conde

    Very well said. I believed in this article that you wrote.

  11. Glo

    Well said Mark…I am lucky because there is no money leeches around me (both immediate and not immediate family members).. They know that even though me and my husband are working here in the Middle East, our salary is only enough for our family (all our children are here with us). Honestly, I feel guilty sometimes, because, God knows how I wanted to help financially, but I can not…:-(

  12. CJ

    Now that I think about it, fortunately there are no people who are money leeches in my life, but I do have the situation leeches to face.

  13. patty

    Hi ! This is one of the important things to consider especially when one is starting to build savings and then starting investing…. I think its how you will say it / communicate it….
    thanks !

  14. tes di

    truly it is hard to say NO to family members.. i am the least popular among siblings, i dont lend money, INSTEAD i teach them how to do business and give them goods on terms…ironically they are too lazy to do it, for these leeches: mas madaling mag drama and manghingi, mas ok mangutang kasi nakakahiyang mag benta ….i am willing to help to those who are willing to work for it.

  15. princess

    Hindi po ba bad ung teaching nyo to avoid those people who run for us for financial aid? Di po ba sa Bible sabi “it is better to give than to receive” and “mahalin ang kapwa gaya ng pagmamahal sa sarili”.
    IN MY OPINION po, tama kayo prioritize muna natin pamilya, pero kung our savings is enough na po siguro for some emergencies ng family, I THINK, mas mabuti pa ring tumulong sa nangangailangan. We don’t build riches only in this world but riches in eternity rin.

    • markso

      Please read part 3 Princess. If you don’t learn and apply this lesson and the next, you will never get to solve your money management problems.

  16. jing

    Being youngest in the family, I’m usually the last one to be considered by relatives to be asked for financial assistance. I’m just so grateful my family is fine. My hope, however, is to be able to help others and at the same time be capable of sharing things with my family.

    • markso

      Yes, indeed be grateful for your blessings. The youngest ones are the ones usually being taken care of, which gives them a lot of reasons to make it faster financially. Take advantage of that and become financially smarter. Talk soon Jing

  17. tes di

    not a problem with me. i had dealt with this situation years ago. i had become unpopular, but its just fine with me.. i had realize that some people had developed their “dramatic talent ” , that they had chosen to be always the victim and be always kawawa, only to be surprised that when i visit their homes, they have a bigger tv or ref ( than me).. at that moment, i felt utu- uto and had been used ( naisahan)

  18. Robert Rafson Chua

    Mark, this really hits the mark with me, but i feel that its hopeless no matter what i do it seems something always comes up. been trying for years, no matter how much money i earn it seems that my expenses always exceed it. so, i am willing to take your advice and try to stop my money leeches. thank you again for helping us!

  19. JP

    good day sir mark. this article is nice. well done. actually i’m doing this kind of technique already when way back in time, when i feel that i was being abuse by “money leechers” because of my generosity when it comes to money. with this when it’s time for me to need for money i find it that i’m short of funds.

  20. Gigi Bernabe

    Hi Mark & Jhoanna,

    Thanks again! Very good article and very true indeed. More power to you both! God bless!

  21. marichu

    im not good in english and i cant express my true feelings how to react in each every article hehe.. but the ideas help a lot..

  22. Gigi Bernabe

    Hello Mark,

    I did not do the pledge anymore because I had already learned my lessons on money leeches a long long time ago. And I have been practicing a similar tactic since then. Thanks again to you both! God bless..

  23. TJ

    I don’t have any problem with money leeches. However, I do want to learn and apply the principles by myself. I don’t pool resources with my wife and I don’t trust the others. So is it possible that I consider all others as money leeches?

  24. mike asiddao

    Hi mark, ang tawag pal dun is Money Leeches. great i always have been wondring how to term those situations. You are right, there are many of those. By the way, in my own personal FS, i have included in my lists of expenses, my monthly help (financial of course) to my brother who is not as blessed. Is that correct?


  25. lolly

    one of our big problems are these kind of people. they are putting all the blames on the company, and want us to be always a part of their problem. their emergency is also our emergency. I showed this article ( i got on the newspaper ) to the office staff. Very good article.

  26. don

    this is so true. its time to learn how to say no or refuse other peoples request when you think its not right anynore.

  27. Ira

    I hope this won’t be the last… I love doing the “homework”.. i learned so much.. Meantime, I will go straight to our IT Departmetn and have this contract scanned.. I hope the scanner is working though.. moe power and God bless.

  28. ma.lourdes

    i should have read this earlier..a leech( not a relative) came and i lost some money again

  29. Bertie Grusenmeyer

    I went over this web site and I conceive you have a lot of great information, saved to bookmarks (:.

  30. elaine

    How can I not turn down this “leech” as she works for me on a weekly basis. I would feel bad if I don’t help her.

    • markso

      Elaine, if she works for you, then charge her interest and deduct it from her next pay if you really want to keep her and want to justify her leeching.

  31. Dennis

    Sad to say, I’ve been a victim of these leeches before.

  32. Jen

    MARK hi,

    I admit i have many money leeches…
    And one of them is family… looking forward to your article on this.

  33. James

    Hi Mark! Done part 1 but I’d like to keep it in my wallet. Ok lang naman if I don’t e-mail it to you right? So that’s problem/complaint 1, the emailing part.

    I know what you mean about money leeches and I’ve had a lot of those before. I just call them “eto na naman moments” or “eto na naman sya” (with matching rolling of the eyes. lol) I’ve managed to develop my own script (if I feel like it is necessary to give) or if I ever get pushed to the wall due to his/her persistence I only give a hundred. Which makes me think of the 50php you use…I’ll try the 50 instead of the 100. 😀 Ok, so since technically I’ve got that down here’s my Prob. 2/complaint 2: my Money Leeches (MLs)are actually 2 important people in my life (falls into the category of immediate family). I’ve been trying to stay on course with managing my money by reading books and blogs (like yours) and so far I’m doing ok (still targeting being great). Now, there are times when my MLs would come to me for money which I feel could be used or placed in something better since I feel like, yes it’s ok to help them but they’re not trying to help themselves naman no matter what advice I give eh they can’t control their spending. Then I tend to become their fall back. How should I go about it? I mean for medical or educational use of the money, I don’t have a problem with that but for anything else…that a whole different story. I think I’m not the only one that experiences this kasi sometimes the immediate family are the best MLs. Kasi, in our culture, it becomes more of a responsibility than a mere act of kindness/extension of help; that if you do not give you are branded as something very negative.

  34. Jonir

    Sir mark you are really true about those different leeches, i been work as janitor for almost seven years, i encountered also some unexpected income that i could consider as a saving, but sad to say i don’t have any savings right now, maybe i considered only as my investment is the tuition that i made when i took studies as a working student, and i gave also a little amount to my family, and buy some things for me, and pay for my rent in my boarding house, this is only thing that i could consider as important things that my money go, but compare to those leeches that i been spend it’s nothing. I the kind for person always gave to everyone, some of my money, effort in kind, instead of consider it as a business, your website is really good, and help me a lot on how to manage a money, i am a breadwinner, and i really want to help my family, and also to my girlfriend that i want marry her someday, but before i do that, i want to have my own house, work stable and financially stable, i am already 26 years old, how i could i do that to be good in money, hope you can help me Sir Mark.

    • markso

      Sign up for the wealthplan on the right side of this page Jonir, you will receive my articles to read in the proper order. Read them, follow the tasks and you should be on your way.

  35. aldwin daus visaya

    gud am sir, it is so happen that i used a printer with scanner so i do it quickly. still believe that God will make a way


  36. Yllen

    Your advices on how to handle the Money Leeches are very relevant to me. By nature, i easily empathize with people such that most often than not I give in to these leeches. I am committed to follow the steps you have outlined as this will strengthen my financial resources.I agree with you that I will make a lot of effort and a “thick face” to do it. Thank you and more power to you!

  37. Virginia Y Guzman

    I experience all that , that’s why I don’t have any savings, all was given to those money leechess

  38. Eriberto D. Pineda

    Hi Mark,

    Handling Money Leeches is a very sensitive situation and not easy to handle. You ncan lose a friend if not handled correctly. It’s in our culture to ask financial assistance. I s a common thing, especially when the other party knows that you have the means. You are right in offering a smaller amount as an assistance rarther than a loan. You can either reduce the amount or refuse and face the consequence. It’s really hard to change a culture of dependence.

    Eriberto D. Pineda

    • markso

      Hi Eriberto, you are very correct, which is why gaining wealth is not easy, the emotional strength needed is more than what most people can bare, but if you really want to learn, you really have to feel the pain sometimes. Welcome to the project Eriberto!

  39. Ken Dela Cruz

    Hi Sir Mark,

    Thank God no money leechers within my circle. Looking forward to the next the article.


  40. Grace Lee

    I did experience a money leech in the form of a classmate asking for loan (pahiram…babalik ko din agad..) . I have heard from my other classmates that he also made his rounds at them. some loaned him and they never got their money back… In my case, since i’ve already heard stories about his “loan strategy”, I just ignored his text message..

    after reading your article, i guess it’s a better way of dealing with him than totally ignoring him. But would he really believe that I could only spare 50 pesos when I’m operating a business?

    • markso

      Grace, your initial tact of ignoring him is actually not a bad idea. Now if he is still pestering you, you can also just say that funds are tight and you can’t lend him anything. Giving nothing is actually better than giving P50 :-). Now if he continues to harass you, then do the P50 solution.

  41. Aze

    I am slowly practicing the art of refusing. 🙂 Just the other day, a friend of mine approach me if I have an extra cash that he can borrow. Kaboom! Though that was a very hard step for me, I was able to not let him borrow. To recall, this is his 3rd time borrowing cash. And with this 3rd time, I learned to say NO.

  42. bheng

    it is very true it always come up to me some thing or situation that right after saving or earning some extra money there’s always something or someone would just accidentally? came up that would need some money for hospitalization,medicine and other things.the only thing i would complain about is myself not knowing much earlier these things so i could have protect myself and save money for my families needs instead of non profitable things useless things to focus on to saving for the future needs its a total waste of time,money and enegy. i hope i with the help of your articles i could really make change happen in our lives we really do need change for the best.

  43. manessa

    glad there are no mls in my life. but somehow, the lesson is hard to implement. my father taught me, that the good you’ve done to others will come back to you. however, reflecting on it, it’s my responsibility not to make then a parasite. so, maybe if this thing will happen, i’ll just help them in another way – not monetary… like if they need money constantly, then i’ll help them find additional income.

  44. maricar

    I can relate to this very well mark, as i computed the anount of money that i lent to those money leeches, its already 53k+++ and still not paid for almost a year even if they promised me to pay after a week or two 🙁 i blame it for being soft hearted everytime they have an “emergency”. Well they are not even my immediate family, they are just my friends who used to hang out when there are happenings and gimmicks and its my treat, very sad. The worst part is, just because they cant face me, they are always making an excuse when i want to meet them for some occassions. Really, lending money destroyes friendship in the end 🙁

  45. Que merced

    This is really true. I also had some friends who started to borrow money from me. But i can easily figure out whose trying to be true or not. There are some who always has their reasons for borrowing but if we begin to try and analyze it, they, always have many excuses. Sometime they will pay you but after sometime they will again try to ask help from you. These are the persons you should look to. Another piece of advice. If someone is borrowing money from you and he’s so much in a hurry to get it be careful. Try to think it over again specially if this is a kind of big amount.

  46. Robert

    I’ve always been generous with money to a fault. It’s hard for me to say no, except if I can’t really afford it. Even then, I still give whatever I can or help them get a loan from someone else. Somehow, I get this guilty feeling whenever I turn down somebody. Pakikisama, utang na loob o talagang nakakaawa…are some of the reasons why I find it hard not to help if I can. 

    But by doing this, I was risking my family’s own needs. And soon enough, I got into a financial mess myself…

    There’s no need for me to write it down and send the message to you or put it in my wallet. 🙂

  47. Arnold

    My problem with the assignments is my procrastination. I have this habit of doing all of them the last minute. I love the system and format of this wealth flow project because this puts structure in my care free attitude towards my finances. Thanks Mark!

    God bless!

  48. Ruel A.

    Sometimes it’s hard to resist someone who’s asking for money to borrowed. Specially if it’s your relative, regardless if it’s first or secondary degree family relation. I had a experience that my cousin approached me and asking for some money to borrowed bec. his son will celebrate it’s 7th yr birthday. He bring his electric drill as collateral. I don’t accept the electric drill for the reason that he promised to me to pay the moment he received his salary. Until now, he’s son is more than 8 y/o and he don’t even approach me to tell why he can’t pay me. I reminded him about his “utang” and he say’s Yes. But until now, no payment. I already learn from this experience and thank you for emphasizing this to me.

  49. Marlito

    What you said in this article are all true. It usually happen to me. My question is, can they still be considered money leeches even if they return back the money they borrow, although it takes a long time before they give it back?

    • markso

      Not returning the money in time costs you money and opportunity. They are not called leeches, they are called risky investments.

  50. Nicanor

    Mark, I have to draw the line here. I do not have to resort to a hand-written statement and transmitted to you re ‘leeches’. I have long recognized them and exercise judicious care in handling them.

    Do I now become a pariah to you?


  51. Tet Sumulong

    I have a friend who was like this. It was difficult for me to tell it straight to her face that I cannot always “lend” her money but I knew I had to do it and so I did. She stopped communicating with me and when I got a chance to speak with her again, she sounded so “bored” and a bit stuck up that I realized she was not a friend after all. Lesson learned. P50 solution.

  52. Walter S. Lotilla

    Good evening Sir Mark,
    Yes your term ” Money Leeches ” truly abounds, 10 – 15 years back a jobless cousin tried to borrow money from me ( I know it would become ” isulat mo sa tubig ” ) around PhP 3 k , what I did was to give him < PhP 500 in gratis on the condition that he would not persist, he was very surprised but readily accepted my condition. However 1 year ago, a college friend pleaded because his daughter is in the hospital and promised to pay it back within 3 months but to-date and just early this year he paid back only 25 % of the loan

  53. Kris

    I have a lot of money leeches in my life. since i started working and having money of my own. They are in the form of relatives, friends and classmates. Sad to say when I don’t give them what they ask for, they change their attitude towards me. Sometimes I would feel guilty for not helping. I tried offering to help them open a business, but they always say they don’t have time but when they need money, they come to me. Now after reading your article, I practically don’t care what they think. Thank you. all your teachings are so practical and helpful.

  54. Jess

    I believe that God is blessing us in order to bless others. Like what he is doing to you right now. All your pain, sufferings, choices and experiences made you to be man that you are today and you are using it to help/share the valuable lessons to others. In whatever way we can help people who are in need we should not withhold it to them and God will bless you more. It may not be in material things but we cannot outgive God.

  55. Buddy

    Hi Mark, very true- a lot of MLs amidst my place and it’s literally squeezing to the last drop, although they don’t necessarily come on paydays, as they would ask or beg any amount sometimes on a weekly basis. This article gave me added courage to observe the P50 solution. i only have a query, what if the money leech is your niece/nephew, i mean – you’re brother’s children , will the not immediate family member label applies? Coz sometimes, they course through the “loan” to their father. Thanks

  56. Reynato

    I learned something about dealing such ML’s from my aunt and from an old lady I met from some time through another acquaintance. My aunt, she’s an OFW from London, she had P100 bills ready to dole out every time a friend, relative or just anybody who’d come and beg to borrow some amount. From that old lady her advice still rings to my ears: ” Ijo huwag mong ipapahiram ang iyong pera. Di bale mawawalan ka ng kaibigan kay sa mawawalan ka ng pera’t kaibigan.

  57. Racquel Macarubbo

    Thank you for this. Now I know how to respond to financial leeches. Now I know I should not be guilty if I am not able to lend to who is not an immediate family.

  58. Racquel Macarubbo

    Now I know how to respond to financial leeches. A relative borrowed from me five thousand, but I only gave three thousand which is t.he amount i can let go in case he could not pay

  59. ricardo martinea

    Dear Sir,

    There are distant relative of people who take advantage of our soft heart every month, that is why I only give when they have a serious problem that need to be solve immediately.

  60. Johna poot

    Dear sir,
    This article us very true, I have encountered a lot of these and ended up borrowing from someone for my own needs… Now I learned a lot thank you so much from now on I will follow your advices on money leeches situation.

    Thank you


  61. Jobilee-May S. Rubio

    Unang una po nakarelate ako sa Money Leeches na ito dahil po noong panahon na may tinabi akong pera ko na gagamitin ko incase na emergency ay nahiram nang aking katrabaho..Naawa naman ako at nagtiwala dahil sabi nya ibabalik daw din nya agad ngunit ang nanyari lumipas ang mga buwan ay di pa din nya nababayadan at ako pa ang nahihuyang maningil kesa dapat sya mahiya sakin..Isa pa po ay ang aking Kumare noong unang nanghiram sya sakin pinautang ko naman po ngbayad naman sya kahit natagalan syang magbigay ngunit noong lamang desyembre ay umuutang sya ng malaking amount sakin pero dahil wala naman talaga akong pera hindi ko sya napautang. Nagtampo sya sakin at naalala ko naalala lang naman nya ko pag may kailangan sya dahil noong ako may kailangan sa kanya waley sya pero ito namang sotwasyon ko non e di ko kailangan ng pera kundi presence lang nya. Totoo minsan nashoshort aq kasi may mga pagkakataon na budgeted na ang pera mo pero may biglang unexpected expenses. Kaya ang nangyayari po lahot gusto kong makaipon di ako nakaipon..nkakapangutang pa ako..haist

  62. Gilbert Z. Apostol

    I agree Sir is not about being heartless for not sharing to money leeches. we can extend a little also probably but not entirely. Personally my priority is my family in terms of extending financial. I will feel bad about myself if I can’t provide the needs of my immediate family. I think it’s just right to put some of our cash in an Emergency Fund so that in time of emergencies esp for the the house or immediate family, we can respond to the need right away, if not all at least we have some that we can use.


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