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I Believe In You! Hang In There!

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I Just Want You to Know, In Case You Haven’t Heard It In a While…

…That I believe in you. Your life is not a failure even though at times you feel like it, your life has a purpose, all you have to do is believe in yourself too and hang in there.

I believe that everyone has a purpose in this world and I’m one of the few who has been blessed with knowing what my purpose is. In my seminars I always tell my audience that there are only three things I love in this world. The first is my wife and kids and the extraordinary relationship I have with them, the second is generating Wealth, and the third is teaching people how to have better, wealthier lives. The first 2 are my collective inspiration for doing what I do, the third is my purpose in life – to inspire, teach, and help those who really want to help themselves.

But knowing what your purpose is does not necessarily translate to achieving it and rarely does it provide you with money and victory at the beginning. This is because life will test your resolve. Life will throw you obstacles and problems that you never thought of. You will be discouraged by people that you love, even betrayed at times. You will feel frustrated and ignored by the people that you set out to help, you feel that life is hard and are inches away from giving in and giving up.

No Matter What Happens, Don’t give in, don’t give up.

Because when life seems to want you to turn around, it is actually a signal for you to keep going. When things get tough, it is the most critical sign that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

Life’s purpose is not to make you fail, life’s purpose is to make you succeed. (Even though it does not seem that way). Life is a great teacher, the obstacles are how it teaches you to be better. In other words”The larger the obstacle you overcome, the larger the success you become”.

That is life’s purpose. So live your life and live it well.

You Can Never Fail If You Never Quit

There always comes a point in your life, many times in fact when your world seems to fall apart. Perhaps it is about money, perhaps something more personal. It becomes unbearable and physically hard to breathe. You don’t want to get out of bed anymore and if you could, just stay in bed for the rest of your life.
I know, I’ve experienced that many, many times myself.

Know That You Are Strong Enough and You Can Do It

The turning point of your life is when you decide that you are NOT going to quit the fight. That you will do what MUST be done and NEVER take the easy way out. I want to let you know right now that you are strong enough to do it, and you will be able to.

It was exactly like a dramatic movie scene where the room was dark and only the faint moonlight was peeking in, and in the corner of that room was me sitting, crying, and feeling the world falling apart. I couldn’t even think straight, I was close to a million pesos in debt at a time when that was a LOT of money. Why and how did I get into this mess in the first place?

It was very, very tempting to just give in, to just give up.
Now I rarely find myself wallowing in self-pity, it has never really been my style so after a full hour of drama, I made the most critical decision in my life.

I said to myself in a stern, scolding voice. “Get up, fix this and get it done. You have never been a loser,, don’t you dare start acting like one now” That night was the first turning point in my life which no one else could do for me, except me. So I got up, washed my face and started to feel better.

The first step is for you to first help yourself. Once you realize that, the rest will fall into place.
That was 14 years ago. And to this day I remember that night, perhaps for the rest of my life because although it didn’t feel like it (not even remotely) at the time, that was rock bottom for me. That was where I made my stand and now after all these years, I can confidently say with utmost certainty this phrase that I want you to remember for as long as you can: “You can never fail if you never quit”.

Believe In Yourself And You Will Prevail!

And so, my dear reader and at the risk of being repetitive, I just wanted you to know that I believe in you and whatever your struggles are, whatever your hardships are, no matter how much pain you are in. Believe in yourself and you will prevail. And you will!

Until the next article, good luck, and God bless.

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Mark So is a fervent businessman, Investor and educator. He is the Chairman and CEO of Businessmaker Academy—a business, finance and corporate training center. He is the founder and Chief Forex Trainer of Forex Club Asia, A Trading club of Forex Traders across Asia. He is also the Co-Founder of HR Club Philippines, a network of professional HR practitioners in the Philippines. Mark, together with his loving wife also created a website dedicated to teaching people how to make money run after you. A sought after speaker for business, marketing, currency trading and investing, You may email your comments and questions to: or call the office at 6874445 / 6873416 / 6874645 for a schedule of his seminars

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