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Money Management Simplified (Part 3)

Posted by on May 5, 2010 in Money Management | 127 comments

In Part 1 and 2, I explained how to simplify managing your money. If you have not read them yet, please Click Here to read up on what you’ve missed.

In this article, I will finally explain how to increase your “take home” per month without adding any additional bad expenses for you!

Let’s begin. For this article, I’m going to start calling “Take Home Money” =  “Income Streams”. The end goal is to increase your income streams so that it will be more than your expenses. Look at the diagram below:

So let’s focus on Income Streams. Simply put, there are really only 2 kinds of income streams that you have to understand and concentrate on to increase the money flowing into your lives. These are

1.) Your Main Income Stream – What pays for the Necessary Expenses

2.) Your Additional Income Streams – What will get you from scenario 1 to 3

For those who have No Income Stream at all, then good news, this article will help you get started on your first income stream.

Now for those who have a Main Income Stream already, you must Keep and protect your Main Income Stream (at all costs) and keep on adding Income Streams to it.

Today, I will give you two of the most doable ways to start or add an income stream and explain how to do it step by step. By the way, you are not limited to doing just one of them, you can actually add both streams at the same time!

Additional Stream 1: Turn your “Good Expenses” into Income Stream(s):

Step 1: Make an inventory of all the items that you already own and classify them into either of 2 columns “Can be sold” and “Can be rented out” like below:

Can be sold Can be rented out
Ex. 1. Wedding gift Toaster Oven Ex. 1. Play Station Game Console
2. Old Cell Phone 2. Chocolate Fountain (Or any othergadget)
3. Old Comic Books / Collectibles 3. Re-usable College / High Schooltext books
Etc… Etc…

Step 2: Create a price list. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

  • Come up with a reasonable price for each item. If the item is new (you never got to use it) then sell it or rent it at current market price (it can also be lower than market price, just make sure that you still make money from it), if it’s slightly used, sell it or rent it 10% – 50% lower again, just make sure you still make money on it.
  • If it’s for rent, you may ask for a refundable security deposit. The refundable amount would ideally be how much the item cost you or an amount that the customer is willing to give and would want to get back. (Just make sure it’s realistic)
  • Add delivery costs if you will deliver it. Or you can say prices are by pick up only if you can’t deliver it.
  • Include a nice quality photo of the item whenever possible and remember to make it look presentable.
  • Then place instructions on how they can pay for it. You can use this line: “Hurry First come. First served, contact us now at (your telephone number). For your convenience, you may deposit payment at (Bank Account Number) Or you can use G-Cash (Globe) or Smart Padala (Smart).”

Step 3: Advertise it for free by holding a “Virtual Garage Sale”.

-A “Virtual Garage Sale” is very easy to do: Email the list in step 2 to all your friends and tell them that you are selling your stuff and would like them to check out the items that they want to buy. This saves you the trouble of organizing a Physical Garage sale especially if you do not have the space to do so.

-You should also try selling your items on , Facebook, even Multiply. Go to the respective websites, open a free account by following instructions and start posting. This is also free.

Now, don’t be limited to just these ways, there are lots of other places for you to advertise your list for free, all you have to do is go to and type: “Free Directory Listing” then start posting in those sites.

Additional Stream 2: Turn your Skill into additional Income Stream(s):

Step 1: Make an inventory of all your skills like so:

My Skill I can offer:
Ex. 1. Good in Math and loves kids Ex. 1. Freelance Tutoring Services
2. Good with Computers 2. Freelance Computer Repair Services
3. Good with cooking 3. Small Scale Catering Services
Etc… Etc…

Step 2: Pick one skill, test the market, and gain experience by offering to do your first 3 to 5 jobs for free. Here are a few guidelines to doing this right.

  • Start by offering your services to family and friends only and say that you want to try this out first with them. Limit the “Free” service for 3-5 clients / projects and see if this service is something that you would enjoy doing for a fee.
  • Ask for honest feedback from your family / friends about your service and if they would be willing to recommend you to their friends. Get their honest inputs and improve based on that.
  • If within the first 3-5 jobs you feel it’s not for you, go back to your list and pick another skill and test the market again. Do this until you figure out what you are passionate about. Once you figure out what skill you are willing to sell, proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Price it, and advertise it for free by word of mouth and through the Internet.

-Let your Family and Friends be your advertising machine. Word of mouth is always the best advertising there is.

-You should also start advertising yourself on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Multiply, and possibly even start your own Blog to highlight your skills and who you have served.

Now these are just 2 ways to start increasing your income streams as soon as possible. There will be more to come in succeeding articles of mine. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I hope that you learned something from me today and start building your income streams now. Good luck and all the best!

Okay, here are your 2 assignments:

1.) Scroll down to the bottom of the article and leave a comment.

2.) Read the next article – “How to Make Money Run After You Part 2”


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  1. markso

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    I assure you they will thank you for it as there are lots more articles I still have to post.

    It is truly a pleasure being able to help others. It makes me feel good and I hope it will do the same for you.

    Keep Reading, Keep Learning, Keep Sharing!

    All the Best!

  2. Jerem De Leon

    Hello.. My girl friend told me about your blog page. I’m a struggling business man full of ideas & passion.. 🙂 I just don’t know where (more of how) to start. But thanks to your tips, I think I’ll get to that point. Thanks again!

  3. patty

    expanding your means and not living below your current means is a great financial advice….thank you for sharing these specific step by step approach.These articles should be part of a school’s curriculum.Looking forward to learning a lot from you and your company…and expanding our means too…. 🙂

  4. Trina

    Thank you for this…it came at just the right time…will try out your suggestions soon…

    Keep these helpful posts coming!


    • markso

      Welcome Trina. If you have not yet done so, subscribe to my blog at the upper left hand side to be notified of new posts. Also, do share this and other articles of mine on Facebook or twitter so that all your friends may also benefit. Keep reading, keep applying, keep growing!

  5. Lovella Mendoza-Go

    Great Advise Mark on increasing income!!! Indeed there are many ways! If there is a will there is a way!

  6. Glo

    I tried selling online and tutoring before to have an extra income then I stopped because I did not focus on that and I guess that those are not really what I wanted to do… I should start with what I am passionate about, right sir?

    • markso

      Absolutely right Glo. Making money is not sustainable if you don’t enjoy doing it. Find that one thing that makes your heart sing when you do it. When you find it, money will flow naturally and without hesitation towards you and you are definitely heading in the right direction of creating wealth that truly lasts. Excellent Glo! You’ve finished all 5 articles in less than 2 hours! How do you feel?

      • Glo

        I feel great! Actually, I am here in the office and I am not that busy instead of Facebook and reading news online, I decided to read and learn from you. Thank you so much and I look forward for more inspiring articles and tips from you and your wife! God Bless!

        • markso

          Good, don’t forget the last assignment in the first week of the wealth plan. Email me what problems you encounter in implementing these lessons. Or what realizations you have once you have tried these lessons in your life. Talk soon!

  7. Josephine Yu

    Creative ideas to make additional income. Do you have any suggestions for senior citizens? 🙂

  8. Romeo Teodoro

    Mark, you are teaching practical ways to do business and make money. This absolutely not being taught in school. Thank you, Mark.

  9. patty

    Hi ! Mark and Jhoanna, having read this article again, made me reflect again what additional income stream i can start Now ….thanks! 🙂

  10. Noel De Leon

    Brilliant article! Simple and easy to follow ideas to create additional income. Thank you for this Sir Mark. By the way sir, I’ve been thinking on becoming a freelance photographer. May I ask for your advice on what is the best way to tap the market and promote myself especially that nowadays there are lots of talented professional photographers that clients trust more than freelancers like me.

    • markso

      Yes, I think you should pursue that. One way is to create a website / blog to get yourself and your portfolio publicized. I think you have a lot of pics uploaded on facebook, create a separate website as well. Also, please re-read step 2 of turning your skills into additional income streams as it outlines how to do it.

  11. Mamy

    That’s my problem right now. I want to have an extra income but don’t know how. Wanted an online store but do not know how to start it.

    • markso

      Mammy, google this phrase: “how do I start an online store?” you’ll be amazed at the stuff you will find. All ittakes is just a little research. Talk soon!

  12. Nabila Conde

    I am still finding out how can I increase my income 😉

  13. Justin Dy

    Hi Sir Mark,

    Multiple Streams of Income.

    In this article, I realized the importance of having multiple sources of income while learning to keep your focus. The problem I had before was I got involved in so many things which eventually led me to confusion. I know a lot of things but I don’t have any specialty until it came to me that I have to focus on my core gift and that is finance and investments. That is why right now, I am devoting most of my time in improving my financial knowledge and focusing only on income streams related to finance.


  14. richard c viador

    hi mark,
    Praise God!!! truly this same with justin i had so many things to do but focusing on my core gift is left behind.thank you so much for a wonderful insight,i will do my very best to change myself and follow ardently your teachings on financial wellness. All the Glory be to our loving God!!!

  15. CJ

    This is really helpful. Must think of ways on how to earn those extra income streams.

  16. Eric

    We’ll surely practice your formula. Thanks.

  17. Paul

    Hi Mr. Mark, I know I can type well and quick that’s why I want to try a Freelance Transcriptionist or Translator sideline. But I do not know where to start. Also for the prepaid loading I have in mind, please advise how should I deal with pay-later set-up?

    • markso

      Hi Paul, everything can be googled. You have to do your homework and do research. Google your questions, find answers, then go for it.

  18. Rico

    You gave me some ideas Mark..I think my sis, jobless, can benefit from your advise.

  19. Robert Rafson Chua

    Mark, your suggestions are really informative and it opens a lot of doors… so thank you again. hope to have more of your articles!!! God Bless!!!

  20. tes di

    ‘”income of multiple streams”.. that is truly a challenge… i have yet to set another batch of GOALS in order to overcome my complacency, only then i can think of new income streams

  21. ULY

    Hi Mark,

    This particular articular made me think of somethings like, “how do i make a good expense become a source of income later on?”, “how do i measure if an expense is necessary, unnecessary or bad for me?” , “what other skills do i have to add to my income streams?” I guess, its time for me to do something concrete about these thoughts. Thanks Mark.

  22. jing

    Having multiple income streams is really important this days where job security is not certain.
    I’m still trying to figure out ways of having income streams being a stay-at-home mom.

  23. adrian

    good advice. i have never thought of renting my stuff or turning my skills into additional income stream.

  24. JP

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  29. TJ

    Interesting – additional income streams. Now you actually helped me identify my problem. With expenses, they are fixed necessary expenses, too high: electricity, etc. But I find it difficult, if not impossible, to create additional income streams when my job requires no absences and takes most of my time so that by the time I get home, I’m too tired to do anything. Can’t even talk to my kids or wife anymore. I just drop dead, i mean sleep. As with skills, I don’t think I have any. I’m at my wit’s end.

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    • markso

      Good to know. You can share what you do on this blog if you want, that way, you get to inspire more readers. All the best to you Don

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    God bless!

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  39. Alvin

    Hi Sir Mark!

    Thank you for this awesome article. I’m seriously contemplating renting out a few musical instruments that we have lying around at our house. 🙂

    I have a question though. How much should I charge as safety deposit? Ideally, I want to it to be how much the items cost. Just in case it gets broken, or …they don’t return it.. hahaha
    But this might not be possible as the electric guitar alone is worth 30K already. I doubt that people would be willing to put down a deposit that high.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can make this work?

    Thanks a lot & God Bless!

    • markso

      I suggest selling it instead, but if you want to rent it out look at getting insurance for those instruments first that way if anything happens to them you are covered and you can ask for a smaller bond.

  40. Faye Chua

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    God bless you!

  60. Gigi

    Hi, thanks for providing ideas on how to supplement the main income stream. I’m thinking of taking a course on foreign exchange trading because this is where my interest lies. I want to attend your orientation on this. Please let me know the schedule and the venue of the orientation.

    Thanks and God bless.

  61. Ruel A.

    One thing for sure, having only one stream of income is not enough, especially if your expenses is big. Sometimes we need to exercise our mind, think on something that would help us to expand our savings and income. Having employed and wait for salary day is not advisable. Look on something that will increase our income.

  62. Marlito

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  63. Nicanor

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    Like you I have traded currency before (FOREX even). I was one of those who did well initially but lost a fortune eventually.

    I would like to start all over and learn from someone like you who professes to do well in FOREX trading.


  64. Anthony D. Ang

    Thanks for the idea of creating new income streams to add to your main income. Now I’ve to find out what my core gifts are and focus on them to create an additional income stream.
    I don’t understand why they don’t teach these things in school so that everyone would know how to manage their finances before they face the world.
    I just need your advise or suggestion. When you’ve a parent who’s bedridden and would need constant medical care/maintenance to stay alive, what would be the best way to handle this situation and still be able to accomplish the wealth plan project for your own family’s future?

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    Thank you for the above useful information regarding Income Streams, I do not have that yet, if having extra cash, I invest it ( medium to long term ) through the stock market.
    I eagerly await our next series.

  67. Faye Carumba

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  71. Jem Castro

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    I have formulated an additional income stream for us while reading on this article. As I have mentioned from my earlier comments, my wife and I has a small business which is website designing and development. There were times that we can even closed a deal at 40,000 to 60,000 but it doesn’t happen right away as it would be needing lots of presentation and time for the company to decide if they will hire us or not.

    We have an urgent need of additional income stream now as I am on negative and I need to pay my debts and loans. Our strategy is we will offer our services at 50% – 60% off. In that way we can get a client right away as we will advertise it as a promo only and that they have to make a decision right away if they would like to avail the discounted price.

    I like the renting option as well, what I have now that I can have for rent is my magic sing, I will formulate a price and have it advertised in our village.

    Forwarding now…


    Jem (Zac) Castro

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