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How to make money run after you (Part 17)

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“Generating Wealth Requires A Thick Skin!”


In my previous article, I talked about how to make a career out of what you are great at. In this article, I will show you that wealth comes faster once you develop a “thick skin” in your pursuit of either a great career, a great business, and even in investments.


Remember Money Leeches?


If you have been following my articles, one of the most crucial lessons that I have taught which I hope you understand and implement is for you to be able to get rid of your money leeches. A money leech, as a quick review, are persons, or uncanny events that always show up the moment you get your hands on a little cash. These leeches will steal your hard earned fortune if you do not pay attention.


The lesson and bottom line that I really wanted to teach you on the Money Leech topic was to know and learn how to turn down certain types of people to protect your wealth.


And that requires a ‘Thick skin’.


Generating Wealth Requires A ‘Thick Skin’.


But having a thick skin, is not just about saying ‘No’, having a Thick Skin, especially in the context of generating more wealth, is even more about saying ‘Yes’ to things that you may think is impossible or extremely difficult based on whatever reason you have.


For example:


What if at age 14, finishing only elementary school, you needed to leave home and take care of yourself because your mother could no longer support you due to extreme poverty, could you do it?


What if you lost everything? Your money, your friends, your lifestyle, and everything you knew vanished in a blink of an eye? Would you be able to pick yourself up and start all over again?


What if everyone was removing all of their investments from the stock market, because of extreme fear, the world being in chaos, and everybody was telling you to just take your money and run, would you follow them? Or would you look for opportunities to invest in the stuff no one wants to touch?


The examples I mentioned were actually real situations that real people had to face. And in every instance, each one of the people involved did what ‘thick skinned’ people always do to generate, re-build, and generate even more wealth, they said ‘Yes’. And because of that, wealth, convincingly ran after them.


Success stories of the ‘Thick Skinned’


The person who had to move out to take care of himself at age 14 finishing only elementary was none other than Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. At the age of 14, Pacquiao moved to Manila and lived, for a time, on the streets. He started boxing and eventually made the Philippine National Amateur boxing team. Today Manny Pacquiao is regarded as the worlds best pound for pound boxer, and he has achieved incredible wealth with a declared net worth of P1 Billion. Manny has achieved the pinnacle of his career. Why? Because aside from being great at being a boxer, he had a thick skin and he said ‘yes’ to the harsh realities that were thrown at him.


The person who lost everything, his money, his friends (who turned out to be freeloaders), and his rich lifestyle was none other than John Gokongwei. Mr. Gokongwei, was actually born rich. His father owned a chain of movie houses in Cebu, his family was well taken cared of, in fact John himself was chauffeur driven to school everyday and would invite all of his friends to watch free movies. But at the age of 13, John’s father died due to complications with Typhoid, and the problem was, the movie empire was built on credit so when his father died they lost all of their possessions to the banks and creditors. Needless to say, Mr. Gokongwei had to re-build what he had lost not only for himself but for 5 younger siblings and his mother. Today, Mr. Gokongwei is one of the wealthiest men on earth he is worth approximately $2.7 Billion Dollars and is the third richest man in the Philippines. Again, all because he had a thick skin and he said ‘Yes’ despite the drastic circumstances which he was not accustomed to.


Lastly, the person who was investing when everyone was selling off was none other than Warren Buffet (USA). At the height of the recent financial crisis, Warren, against the overwhelming fear, bankruptcies and turmoil of major Investment banks such as Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns, he did what no ‘average’ investor would have ever done. In September 2008, Mr. Buffet bought $5 Billion dollars worth of shares of Goldman Sachs, an investment bank that was also greatly affected by the crisis and was on the verge of collapse. Despite the odds and the panic, Buffet held on to that investment during the worst of the crisis (which was October 2008), and turned it into $8.7billion in 2011. Warren Buffet is currently worth $47 Billion Dollars and is ranked the third richest person on Earth. Aside from being a brilliant investor, he achieved what he achieved because he said ‘Yes’ and had a very, very thick skin.


So being thick skinned, is about doing what you have to do despite the odds, fear, pressure, and the risks you think will doom you. Being thick skinned is necessary for you to achieve the unthinkable.


Stay tuned for the next article where I will share with you my story and how I became ‘Thick Skinned’ and hopefully teach you how to do it for yourself.


Good luck and all the best!



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