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How to make money run after you (Part 18)

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“How To Get A Thicker Skin!”


In my previous article, I talked about needing a thick skin to generate wealth. In this article, I will share another story of my life and teach you how to have a thicker skin in the process.


I was a painfully quiet person growing up.


When I was a child growing up, I was a very quiet but very “intense” kid according to my Mom. I would rarely chatter about, always quiet, always thinking and always with a serious face. I would even remember the grown ups tell my mom, “Still waters, run deep with Mark” which my mom took in as a compliment. For me however, it was psychologically,  painful. I could not really say the things I felt. Most of the time, I held my emotions inside of me until I couldn’t hold it anymore and just burst out with rage and anger or tears and fear. It became unhealthy and it was back then a huge “blockage” for me.



I knew I wanted to break out of my shell, but I didn’t know what or how to change.


This went on for most of my grade school and high school life, I was struggling with this, I only had 1 or 2 close friends at any given time, wasn’t running with the popular crowd, and was usually too shy to be a good conversationalist. For the life of me, I could not understand why I could not be more like my other classmates who were naturally talkative,  friendly, and popular. Although I wasn’t an outcast and was one of the 3 biggest (ahem, physically tall) students in my batch, I wanted to break out of my shell but I didn’t know what or how to change.


Pain, Often Leads To Faster Transformations


One very vivid moment that I still remember today was when I was called in to the guidance councilors office in High School, the guidance councilor asked me a simple enough question “Mark, what do you think your IQ is?”


Now, I always thought that I had an above average IQ because I did take an IQ test when I was a lot younger and remembered my result: ‘above average’. But I thought of being a little bit more humble about it and just said to him after a moment, “I think I’m average?” which I was assuming he would say ‘of course not you are super intelligent’, but he didn’t, instead the guidance councilor said in a cold, non-caring tone: “yes Mark, you are correct, you are JUST AVERAGE.”. “WHAAAAT??? OUCH!” was what I was screaming in my head when I heard this.


It all starts with Esteem and an Antagonist


You could just imagine how I (a 14 year old boy) was so red in the face and embarrassed by what I just heard from a guidance councilor no less.


That day broke my confidence, it made me question my worth, made me feel like an outcast amongst my classmates even if I wasn’t treated like one, and most of all, made me crawl deeper into my shell. That day, I lost my esteem. That day the Guidance councilor became my antagonist.


I made a decision to prove him wrong


I was in 2nd year High school when I heard those words, and I felt bad, really bad. But my style was never about surrendering to self-pity. I didn’t even tell my mother about it, but silently in my own mind, I decided to prove him wrong. No I didn’t take another IQ test (Although that would have been easier), instead, I worked my but off and studied harder than ever. My mom even noticed a change in me, I was being more diligent as the days, weeks and months passed by. And when I reached my 3rd year in high school, I had made the honor list.


No One Ever Evolves By His Own Merit Alone


The guidance councilor in my life should sound familiar to most of you reading my article right now, you were probably at one point in your life made to feel that you are lesser than who you think you are. Do not get angry with them, instead do what I did, prove them wrong, because believe it or not, they are the people that you need, they are the people that God sends your way, not to make you feel bad, but to make you evolve into someone even better.


So how do you get a thicker skin?


Sure the antagonist drove me to excel, but it is not antagonists who made my skin thicker. What really makes your skin thicker is the decision you make to accomplish something for yourself. Accomplishments inflate your esteem and self-belief. And with more accomplishments, more self-belief. With more self-belief you will do anything and accomplish anything no matter what anybody else tells you. That is how you succeed.


Today, I lead a group of companies that help thousands of people not just in the Philippines but also in the US, Canada, UK, and Brunei. I have a beautiful wife, an incredible daughter, a strong son and a loving family who will never need or worry about money even after I am gone.


Thank you Mr. Guidance councilor, I couldn’t have done it without you.



Good luck and all the best!



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Mark So is a fervent businessman, Investor and educator.  He is the Chairman and CEO of Businessmaker Academy—a business, finance and corporate training center.  He is the founder and Chief Forex Trainer of Forex Club Asia, A Trading club of Forex Traders across Asia. He is also the Founder and Chief Trainer of the Philippine Franchise Institute which specializes in training and growing existing Franchise businesses.  Mark, together with his loving wife also created a website dedicated to teaching people how to make money run after you. A sought after speaker for business, investing, You may email your comments and questions to: or call the office at 6874445 / 6873416 / 6874645 for a schedule of his seminars

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