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My Top 10 Life Advice For My Beautiful Children

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To my beautiful Children, Kate and Ryan, live your life without regrets and happily fulfilled. If I could only give you 10 Life Advices, these are what I want you both to remember:


  1. Learn Through Observation

Be observant of how the world truly works. Listen to what people are teaching you, but more importantly observe what they do. Most of the time they are very different. If you really want to learn from the people you admire, observe their actions, more than their words.


  1. Be A Fan of Life

Life is your 3rd Parent.

From the moment you were born, your parents will protect you, shelter you, and love you, but you must also learn from Life itself. Life is your third parent, learn from life as do your parents.

Life will not shelter you, it will give you pain (from time to time), as your parents do when they scold you or disappoint you. But do not think for one second that it is to put you down. Life’s parenting style is all about “Tough love” because that is ultimately how you learn, and how you grow.

Embrace what life brings and you, solve the problems it provides with the end goal of being a better person for it. In time, you will be happier, more successful, and more content.

  1. Be Good, and Goodness Will Surround You…

You are inherently good. You were created in God’s very own image.

While I believe that with all my heart I also believe that people have a choice to remain good or turn to evil.

Choose to remain good and you will be protected if not from the evils of this world, you will be protected from the evils of eternal life after death.

However while you are still alive, as long as you act for the betterment of others, goodness will always surround you. Remember, everything is a choice from how you deal with people and the situations that are given to you. No matter the circumstances, choose to be inherently good and goodness will always surround you.

  1. …But Don’t Be A Fool!


Martyrdom is overrated. Never confuse “Goodness / Kindness” with “Weakness”. There will be people who will try to abuse you or think that you are a weakling. Protect yourself from these people.

Be kind, but be strong. Be good, but be assertive, not just for your own sake but for the sake of everyone else that you love. You have the power to stop the foolishness when it reaches your doorstep, and the ones you love.

  1. Learn From Mentors


Your first mentors are and will always be your parents. You have to always respect and love them –NO MATTER WHAT.

Learn from them. Learn from their mistakes together with their successes. However, parents also know, even if they don’t say it to you, they cannot teach you everything.

When the time comes, be brave enough to continue learning by observing the actions of the people you admire most outside of your parents. As a parent, we will give you our permission, in fact, we require you to do so, but with one condition, you must remember the first 4 advices above with NO Exceptions.

  1. Apply What You Have Learned / Observed Immediately


We all have a limited time in this world. Don’t waste it.

Time will never wait for anyone to succeed. While I am not expecting you to become a success overnight, I do expect you to apply what you have learned immediately, because if you keep putting it off, you will delay your learning, failing and succeeding.

I want you to avoid waking up one day and realizing that life has passed you by and have nothing to show for it. When that happens, it is over, and there is no more re-winding. There is no better time than the present. Just do it.

  1. Give Back


You can only claim yourself to be successful if you can also help others to succeed. Give back not just in terms of money, but give back by using your talents to help others succeed.


You matter to the people who need you the most. Be generous with your talents and your success will grow as time marches on.


  1. Always work with an End-Goal in Mind


Always work with an end goal in mind. If you want to be rich then be rich, if you want to be happy, then be happy, if you want to be something else then go for it.

There is no limit to what you can become. You are limitless.

If you don’t know what you really want in life yet, spend some time experimenting, and re-experimenting, until you figure it out. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is that you will not stop until you figure it out.

Once you are clear on that, spend the rest of your life trying to achieve it.

  1. You Can Never Fail If You Never Quit


You were born with “Free Will”. The operative word here is “Will”. Everybody can make choices but only a select few have the conviction to stay with the choices they make. As long as you believe in what you are doing, endure the pain and stick to the plan.

You can do it. Remember, you can never fail, if you never quit.

  1. Be Successful


I believe in you, and even if the world doesn’t, believe in yourself as that is where all good things start. You were born for greatness, but more importantly, you were born to spread “goodness” now go out and make me, your mom, and the whole world proud!


Until the next article, good luck, and God bless.

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