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Praise for Mark and Jhoanna’s Life Changing Articles

"Hi Mark,
You never run out of good articles , I learn a lot eveytime I read your articles.
Hope to visit you at your office in the near future."

-Rene Santos

"... I am so happy to have read your articles i love it and yes i will do the assignment
Good luck and God Bless."

-Erick Rodas

"Wow! Truly inspiring!... I hope more people get to read this. I would love to share this to others if you don't mind.

Congratulations Sir for knowing your life's purpose and living your dream. I hope to meet you soon.

May you continue to bring inspiration to others. God bless always. :-)"

-Kenneth Crisostomo

"i really enjoy reading this, your articles have helped me a lot...since i am the head of the family and my employer is struggling... this will help me because i am in need of tips on how to manage my money and start business with zero capital.
thank you for sharing...."

-Ahyena Ang

"Hi sir Mark, What a powerful mind blowing technique in eradicating "Money Leeches" even if it seems heartless, the truth of the matter is you have to do it or either you will remain in the same financial state...More power...from Cartagena,Colombia."

-Jovanie Vargas

"Hi Mark, Wonderful article. I felt that it was as much as a personal reflection as it was a teaching article. it is sincere and clear. An especially good read for people who are facing self-doubts in life, for indeed no amount of planning could prepare you for life, for it will throw curveballs at you from any which angle it wants. You just need to know where you want to go and have the will to pursue it in order to weather the storm and conquer the challenges. Cheers!"

-Allan Ngo

"Nice blog Mark. You really inspired me with this article of yours. I guess I really need to save and manage my financials in order to be successful. It's hard, but I'm going to try it.

Thank you for your wonderful advice."

-Brian Bergantiños

"I would love to hear and receive more from you. because i know that i am earning more than anyboby that i know in my field, but all the earnings that i have, is sadly gone, i can relate to this article and willing to take the chance of how will money will run after me."

-Jonjon Pingol

"The illustrations you've shown make it so easy to understand! Thanks Mark! I'll share this to my friends! I'll definitely promote this site."

-Ronald Valerios

"Great Advise Mark on increasing income!!! Indeed there are many ways! If there is a will there is a way!"

-Lovella Mendoza-Go

"Thank you for came at just the right time...will try out your suggestions soon...

Keep these helpful posts coming!


-Trina Simon

"You are absolutely right Mark! I started with nothing a year ago..I capitalize my skill and experience.

Thanks for sharing your business expertise online and for being an inspiration to those who wanted to start their own business.

Id like to join your Zero Capital Business Club."

-Girlie Del Rosario

"That was awesome Mark. it is truly inspires me while reading your articles. More power to you. Hope I could pass by to attend in one of your Seminars."

-Captain Ermer Magbanua

"Hi Mark - Nice article. Let's get this kind of wisdom an d information out to more people. Looking forward to working with you."

-Ardy Roberto

Salt and Light

"A very inspiring story that I am sure will motivate new graduates/ job applicants. Personally, I've realyzed my worth as an employee to my present job.More power and inspire more new bees...God Bless you, your family and all the works of your hands."

-Grace Lim Buñales

"Hi Sir Mark!

Thanks for the insight you are sharing with us. I would like to share this story to my husband whose working so hard. He might slow down towards his work habit when he read this story.
Belated happy b-day to your wife!"

-Kelly Raquel

"A mind opener indeed. It will help boost my financial strategies. Thanks to your generosity."

-Jerico Lauren

"Hi Mark!

I really love reading self-help articles, self-help/investment books. I'm indeed thankful to have read your article. It is truly a mind-opener to employees and would-be entrepreneurs.

I've been working for multi-national companies for 7 years already, and I have always ingrained a "diligent" attitude. I feel that without it, I won't be that successful in anything I do. In some way, that's a good habit, however, in the long run it's exhaustive. It's exhaustive accomplishing everything from A-Z, whereinfact there is a much easier process in achieving a certain result.

I've been exercising to work smart. I know this will spell a great difference. I thank you for inspiring us. I do hope I could sttend one of your seminars. I keep on browsing your seminar schedules but I always fail to participate. This time, I need to commit to myself to enroll and to sttend. I know for sure that I will learn a lot. I know it will greatly help me in my employment life. Compensation from employment is not enough especially, now that I have a family and a baby. Moreover, I'm thinking to venture into entrepreneurship soon.

Thank you very much. Belated Happy Birthday to your wife. Hope to meet both of you in person. I am really very much interested to learn.

God bless you!"

-Sheryl Tan

before anything else thank you for forwarding me your message. it was really inspiring :-)) ... i believe with what you just said here that.... when you become an entrepreneur it is results that put food on the table, not efforts. It is results that get you to the next level, not efforts. It is results that make you successful, not efforts....right?.... keep inspiring others ok?...ang belated to your wife ...:-)) god bless you and your biz!"

-Kris Hosena

"Thanks for your insights Mr. Mark. I had been a Juan Masipag for long time now, and started to apply the opposite. I hope I could apply both when I finally go home from my being an OFW to a business I am planning. Looking forward to meeting you in Manila soon. By the way, belated happy b-day to your better half."

-Rolando Go

"Hi sir mark!
i want you to know that I'm an avid reader of your articles in the manila bulletin.. it helped me quite a lot in understanding on how to do business. i always thought that i will never be a good businesswoman because well, I'm not like my co-workers who will always come early and leave late at work. For them I don't value my work because I am not "workaholic". I will never doubt again to myself if i can do business or not. I will not have to work hard. I just have to work smart. :)"

-Grace Saunar

"Thank you for the money management information, I am new to the home business field and I have a hard enough time trying to balance my own check book never mind a business account. I do plan on putting this practice to daily use."

-Jason Hebert

"People should be forced to perform these exercises before they start their own business. Many failures would be avoided!"

-David Moulton

"Very inspiring! Hope everyone who reads this will learn and apply them! God Bless you and your family!"

-Lem Luanzon

"Hi Sir Mark,
I'm glad that there are generous people like you sharing precious knowledge which probably others would keep for themselves. I need this and I'm so happy I read your article. Thanks and I'm looking forward in seeing you again. more power to you and your family. God Bless!"

-David Aristorenas

"Mark,Great ideas. I really appreciate what you are doing. These are practical lessons that all of us should learn. I am grateful."

-Fred Murillo

"...earning is one thing, but getting my house in order is another. i honestly don't know much about money management, and i've already learned a lot from your articles. thank you very much! i like that what you write is very simple, practical, and easily applicable. God bless!"

-Bern Comaditos

"expanding your means and not living below your current means is a great financial advice....thank you for sharing these specific step by step approach.These articles should be part of a school's curriculum.Looking forward to learning a lot from you and your company...and expanding our means too.... :)"

-Patricia Adrueda

"i liked the part where you advised not to live just below your means but analyze your expenses and doing substitution instead of Good expenses.... useful first step in meeting one's financial goals....thanks !"

-Patricia Adrueda

"I can truly relate mark, save that i am just about to make the uphill climb towards freedom from debt. i guess NOW is right about the time to do it. super thanks for this awesome blog, keep it up! =)"

Precious David

"Mark, I am both excited and "not sure if I can make it to the end" feeling on starting your lessons for the "How To Make Money Run After You".
But, i'll give it a try and hopefully finish it with your help and patience.
I am a full time government employee for twelve years now, a part-time Mom, a part-time blogger and a part-time businesswoman. But then still, both ends won't meet.
Thank you for sharing! God bless!"


"Hi mark thanks for the inspiration, motivation, experiences that you shared to us, you really gods gift to us, keep it up! Happy monster pips to you godbless:-)"

-Mark Arevalo

"Dear Mark, loads of wonderful articles here! thank you for sharing! take care! :)"

-Gigs Macusi

"This is a good article. I used to have 2 columns only when doing budgeting: money in, and money out (ie, expenses). I had always thought expense is just money going out. Now I know, there is such a thing as good expense. This article also interesting in that budgeting is likened to dieting- I don't have to deprive myself of things I want, but I just have to find a more sensible expense to substitue for the bad expense. I am applying this now in my monthly budgeting. More power!"

-Jacqueline Lipardo

"Thank you for the inspiration!!! More power to you in all your projects sir!"

-Keith Quisora

"its very basic... right?! 🙂 many of filipino's new it already but the problem is mind setting... You know what sir... I will share this knowledge to my bro. and sisters and relatives... Iam praying that God will give you more strength and more wisdom and good health as well... Thank you sir! thank you!"

-Leonidas "LEO" Reyes

"Hi Mr. Mark So,
I am a retired seaman and my wife has stopped working since we got married 23 years ago.. I am now thinking of how I can manage my hard earned money before it gets depleted before I reach the age of 60. It's nice to know that there are blogs like these to help people be financially independent. I think my wife & I have to really sit down, talk & apply these methods in our daily lives.
Thanks &; Have a good day!! More power !!!"

-Noriel Sielo

"I believe what you've written is a hundred percent accurate. When you are on your own and are making a good chuck of change, you tend to use it on a lot of useless things. Money management is so crucial for the future for yourself and the people that depend on you. It is great that your wife has been there by your side to get you out of the debt situation and am quite happy that you are successful. I took your class a few years ago and still follow what you've said"

-Ritesh Nandwani

"Sir mark,

for quite sometime, i just kept your blog recorded in my cellphone hoping to visit it one day until i finally opened it now. the initial presentation was indeed simple but it was very practical and truly enlightening. I am a retired military serviceman hoping to receive my pension arrears in substantial amount soon and I wish to invest part of it in a business or maybe in stocks. problem is i don't have much knowledge about how this stocks operate aside from what i hear from people, also i haven't thought much of having a business as again, i don't know where to start except an invitation from a networking company selling variety of products? maybe i should or must learn more from your articles. many thanks sir. you help a lot of people particularly those who want to be successful financially. God bless you."

-Danilo Pajaron

"Thanks for sharing this Mark! We tried discounting before because we thought it would generate the volume we need - we were wrong; and then when we increased our price, profit actually grew by at least 7% even with customer fall-outs, so can attest to this. More Power!"

-Grace Arcueno

"Nice article mark.You're right! Decreasing the product price isn't the solution to boost your income. It also downgrading the qualities of your product if you choose to give discounts to the customers.Better to offer them excellent service instead. More power to you.Thanks!"

-Norlan Tuazon

"Hi sir Mark,
Thank you for this article, I am an account executive in a printing company and hoping that someday I'll be having my own printing co. too. With your advise I'm sure that It will be possible for me to reach that goal.

MABUHAY ka sir Mark!"

-Kristopher Mike

"hi Mark,
this specific article helped me a lot, i mean it really gave a total illumination to me. i am a graduate of batch 2009, currently i am unemployed but i am a part time academic tutor. me and a friend of mine from college entered also tshirt printing business during college, but it was a total flop! but we are planning to re-start again with the help of the lessons gained from past mistakes and from your blog. i pray that this time it will work out!:)"


"Hi Mark,

Reading your article on 5 super tips on business releases a very exhilarating feeling. It feels me great to know that there are gifted people like you and yet very generous to share the talents to others. By the way I have attended 2 sessions of yours, the forex orientation and the forex fortune. And on I am now a member your of

More power to you, Mark and to us, your readers and learners."

-Ricardo "RIC" Pitogo

"Hi Sir,
The 5 questions on how to choose a business is absolutely right, here in our province of Bohol we are more on farming and fishing, that's why our business here are related of what we have. That idea belongs to Question # 2 to look for the Customers. Everyday i visit your site I become more knowledgeable. Thank for your kindness on sharing of ideas. GOD SPEED and MORE POWER."


"Reading what you have gone through reminded me of the struggle i had starting the business myself back in 1997. like what you said strong determination to succeed, managing the funds properply being involved in the business and be employee number 1 is some of the key requirements to make any business work.
We are already 13 years old and would say much better now but everyday is a challenge and a learning experience and i think that's what business more interesting and challenging.
Thanks for the very inspiring story which certaily be able to help me improve my way of handling other areas in managing the business. Wishing you more success and God bless."


"Very true Sir Mark. Your business advice had truly been an inspiration to me as I move towards my career as an entrepreneur. I really value the last part that "we should keep investing in ourselves" because that is really one of the secrets in breakthrough entrepreneurship. I also would like to add that it is equally important to have mentors and to surround yourself with like minded people. May you continue to inspire more aspiring entrepreneurs. More powers and GOD bless."

-Justin Dy

"Reading your article really helped me with my problem. I want to thank you for writing this article."

-Jonas Dimanche

"Hi Mark,

I love this article. Indeed, very true.

Most people live lives that are suggested (or more likely dictated) to them by other people and end up as victims. I believe that we can choose our own destiny and you nailed it with the power of suggestion.

Thanks again!"

-Bryan Uy

"Thanks.I will apply everything you said.You will hear from me as soon as I progresses.
More power to you."

-Gilbert Tanyag

"Hello.. My girl friend told me about your blog page. I'm a struggling business man full of ideas & passion.. 🙂 I just don't know where (more of how) to start. But thanks to your tips, I think I'll get to that point. Thanks again!"

-Jerem De Leon

"Hi Mark!

Thanks for the wonderful article. I always read your articles but never have the time to comment. Keep it up! And hope to see you soon for a forex refresher. Miss your class! (and i've never said that of any course i took in college) hehe 😉

All the best :-)"

-Allen San Luis

"Hi Mark! It's amazing how I chanced upon your blog. This is a gold mine of information! I'm fresh out of college and currently working but my real passion is business. But I really don't know how to go about building a business since I'm in the allied medical field. Thank you for your great articles. It feels like I have a mentor:)

It was also great meeting you in person last Money Summit and Wealth Expo. More power!"

-Ella Lao

"Hi Mark,

Nice article. I like your concept. Making a business in a bite-size and more manegeable scale. How I wish I can arrange one day to go for your seminar. By the way I'm an OFW and currently working here in UAE. Being separated from my pecious family is quite an ordeal as I work here in abroad. I really need to do something to have a reasonable and concrete source of cashflow in the Philippines to end my abroad job.

As I started receiving email from your group, a spark of idea of doing a business in food catering or a small restaurant have been ringing in my mind since then. As I was saying, I'm thingking of ending my career as an OFW. I want do this food business and be with my family. As an OFW, my wife & I managed to save some significant amount of money and we're really want to do the venture the moment my contract here in UAE expires (that's almost 2 years from now).

I know that I need to invest first in acquiring relevant informations how to make this "small business" sustainable and make it progressive as the operations goes on. I do hope that your group can enlighten me further about this endeavor. I'll be having my next annual vacation soon. I really want to have a seat in your 7-Point Formula Course/Seminar."

-Roy Adrian Cornell

"Upon reading your article, I immediately cut it out and the following day made some copies and shared it to other managers in the company.

The article was succint but very helpful."

-Mark Hernandes


i've been getting updates from businessmaker academy in my email and honestly, i can't remember when i signed up or got the updates. since i was into putting up a business, i stuck to getting updates.

i read this article now and it really makes sense i would want to know more of your seminars but i am here in mindanao. hopefully, i can get to read parts of your seminars soon here in your blog. and i am hoping that soon, i can get to attend one of your seminars.

all the best!"

-Dan Onod

"Sir Mark,

Last year wass not that good for me. We're flooded by ondoy, my nephew had an accident, my first business failed and my mother died. It was very bad year for me. But i am not losing hope.Its been a while since i've attended your seminar and it's nice to read your article especially now that my friends and i are planning a small business. It is a very nice article and this will help alot. As of now my and my friends are thinking of business ideas. We are planning to put up"

-Jason Baluncio

"hello sir! it's been awhile since i attended your class (7 point) 2 years ago. 😀 since then, i started a small retail business up till now. so far so good. 😀 and your blogs help me a lot. 😀 thanks a lot for keeping in touch. 😀 i am thinking of taking another class from u but i am still managing my schedule. as u can see, i still have my day job, taking my doctoral degree at night and managing my business. 😀 i am looking forward for more blogs! more power and God bless u always 😀 thank you :D"

-Bea Cruz

"I agree with you Mark when you said that everyone starts at zero and experience is the best teacher of all. I have met people who consider themselves guru in money matters and gives free advices even if they do not have the experience and knowledge to back it up. When I decided to go into forex, some people advised against it saying its too risky, ill lose money, stocks are better and so forth even if they don't even have the basic background how forex trading really works. Now that I'm into forex I have learned that gaining experience can sometimes be painful since you will most likely learn from your mistakes and you really have to rise from your failure and try again. I still consider myself work in progress in regards of my forex trading however I would prefer it to be this way than to just say forex is risky and you will lose money and pretend that I know what I am talking about.

Anyway, loving and enjoying your articles 🙂 More power!"

-Aileen Esparago

"hi mark,

thanks for the insights. i am learning a lot. its been a while since i took the forex course, but reading your blogs just reminds me that it would be a waste not to go back and finish it. I hope to see you sometime soon when my schedule affords me then."


"hi mark... this is real-life marketing principle..the "must haves" are practical...
i have attended one of the seminars you offer, and as i read your article i was trying to compare it with the kind of approach (teachings and learnings) of the seminar i attended, indeed yours is believable because you CARE for your students...errr, clients as well..thanks for educating people including me and i hope to avail some more of your seminars....ciao!"

-Vince "VIC" Sapinit

"Way to go Mr. So! You really speak from your heart!

When I have time, I will continue my complete FOREX course with you."

-Gleeko Magpoc

"Hi Mark,

A lot of people have been blessed in having the opportunity to come across with this information including me. Being an automotive service consultant here in North America is so challenging & honestly I've been looking up to my fellow consultants who by nature are I would say Yangs. Our upsell results never goes far in volume comparatively even though they do a lot of talking more than I do.

Thank you so much. This piece of information has again reassured my confidence in my personal conviction that truly you can earn a customer's trust by going through the Yin's way. I am sure a lot of people are interested including me to attend your seminar but I am proximity challenged right now being here in North America. It would be awesome if you can come up with Webinars on similar topics in the future. Webinar is the trend here in North America & it's really effective & flexible. I strongly recommend you give it a shot sometime.

Again, congratulations to all my fellow Yins & I'm equally hats off to all them Yangs including you Mark! ;- )"


"Hi Mark,

I love your love advice...I find it very sweet! You and your wife make a good team...inseperable like YinYang. Another question though, is this part (Part 2) already out on Manila Bulletin? If not, when would it be out? You see, I have a cut-out of the 1st one and posted in on my workstation for good vibes. I'm saving room for Part 2 & 3 as well. Thanks again!;p"

-Martha Gonzales

"WOW! I've been waiting for the Part 2 before I comment. This is such an eye-opener! Thanks...your article is very insightful. I am into sales and would share this to my colleagues. I am a Yin too and is desiring to be a Yang because I thought then that that's what it would take to succeed in this profession. I'd love to attend your seminar not just this month as I have commitment already. Next month most likely and I'll bring my co-workers with me. Thanks again and continue sharing your learning.

PS: Could this be applicable to love also? Just a thought...;p"

-Martha Gonzales

"Truly an eye opener and a really wonderful twist of life! Thanks, Mark!"


"Sir Mark,
I happened to read your column today in Manila Bulletin and tried to visit your blog. I'm really glad that there is someone like you who is trying to reach every Filipino to become financially independent and make the most out of our lives.
Thank you so much."

-Aldin Palaming