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Hi Sir Mark,
I’m glad that there are generous people like you sharing precious knowledge which probably others would keep for themselves. I need this and I’m so happy I read your article. Thanks and I’m looking forward in seeing you again. more power to you and your family. God Bless!

David Binggo


Great ideas. I really appreciate what you are doing. These are practical lessons that all of us should learn. I am grateful.


Fred Murillo

… I am so happy to have read your articles i love it and yes i will do the assignment
Good luck and God Bless

Erick Rodas

i would love to hear and receive more from you. because i know that i am earning more than anyboby that i know in my field, but all the earnings that i have, is sadly gone, i can relate to this article and willing to take the chance of how will money will run after me.

Jonjon Pingol

Thank you for this…it came at just the right time…will try out your suggestions soon…

Keep these helpful posts coming!


Trina Simon

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