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Wealth Plan (Week 3)

Posted by on Oct 9, 2011 in Wealth Plan Results | 35 comments

Welcome to “Wealth Plan, Week 3”

Ok, now its time to act on what you have read for the past 2 weeks.

What is most important for us AND especially for YOU is RESULTS, correct?

Now you cannot have results by just reading what we say. Sure, you may have realized a few things and even think we’re “Super Awesome!” But unless you actually DO something about your life and your finances with what you have learned, our articles will just be another interesting read, be forgotten, and you continue struggling with money and wealth.

AND we don’t think that you want that do you?

So here are fifteen (15) “Yes/No” questions that you have to answer by posting a comment below this page. Now, if you can’t answer “YES” to any of the questions below, then DO what must be done ASAP to answer “YES” and get the RESULTS you want in your journey to building true Wealth.

1.) Have you started recording your expenses every month?  (Yes/No) If No, why not?



2.) Have you listed down all your BAD expenses? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



3.) Have you substituted any of the BAD expenses with either a Necessary or Good expense? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



4.) Have you started increasing your income streams? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



5.) Have you started selling the stuff you own that you no longer use? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



6.) Have you started renting out the stuff you own that you no longer use? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



7.) Have you started identifying your skills that you can market? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



8.) Have you identified your Money Leeches? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



9.) If you answered “yes” to number 8, are you still giving money to your Money Leeches? (Yes/No) If Yes, why?



10.) Do you have Money Leeches in the Family? (Yes/No)



11.) If you answered “yes” to number 10, have you already come up with a plan to talk to them about it, or have something ready to say the next time they approach you? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



12.) Have you identified your number one Talent? (Yes/No) If No, why not?



13.) Have you started substituting your Talent with money when people start to ask money from you (Yes/No) If No, why not?

14.) Are you constantly giving the excuse: “I’m Busy, I don’t have the time yet…” or  “It’s Hard, Can’t do it” or “I will try…but never really did anything?” (Yes/No)



15.) Have you started seeing some results in how you are handling your money? (Yes/No) If No, why not? If Yes, please share your stories with us by leaving a comment.

Remember, leave a comment below to answer these 15 questions and like always, we will read every single one.


Need to review how to do some (or all) of these tasks? Go back now and read again the articles in Week 1, click here now. And here’s Week 2, Click here now

Remember,  true wealth flows from the ground up! And what we mean by that is wealth starts by first building your “smarts” in money management. But you can’t build smarts by just READING, you must DO something. Reading leads to understanding but Actions leads to RESULTS. The Wealth Plan (Week 3) is all about results. Go for it!

Good luck and looking forward to seeing your comments. See you in week 4, talk soon!

Let’s get busy!!!


-Mark and Jhoanna!

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  1. Fayne G. Ollodo

    In all of the 15 questions , I still had lots of No answer. It only reminds me to review the artcles in Week 1 and week 2 and do something to get results.

    Thank you.

    • markso

      Thanks for being honest Fayne. As soon as you can answer yes to all of them, you will begin to see results for you guaranteed! So do get to it as soon as you can. Best!

  2. Robert Rafson Chua

    there are still a few No’s on my list but I’m starting to rectify them now!

  3. Jackie

    Yes, I have been listing my expenses and have identified my bad expenses. The thing is, I still have a difficulty looking a a substitute for the bad expense. I don’t spend money if I can’t find a substitute ( i am proud ro say, I have better discipline now. Althogh still have lapses but getting ther, hehehe)
    Still have a long way to go. Thanks for the help! 😀

  4. Noel De Leon

    I have more yeses and few nos. I did what you told us and I can say that your advices improved my financial life. I feel like I’m more in control. I sold and still selling some of my used stuffs. I rented out my other camera to my friends. I became happier and more simple (because of removing my unwanted clutter and converting it to money). I became more aware of my expenses. All I need now is the discipline to make monitoring my finances a habit. And I have to admit that getting rid of money leeches is really difficult but I know in time, i can do this. Thank you for all your help sir Mark.

    • markso

      Excellent Noel. Very glad to hear you are progressing nicely. Regarding Money Leeches, in time, you will be able to control and eventually extinguish them. Keep it up!

  5. Lilia

    A lots of my answer is no, I read again articles for the 1st week & 2nd week to force me again to do it. But I tried to work hard for it although it is difficult but for my future I can do it again & again until it’s my daily habit.

    thanks for your support!

  6. tes di

    my answer is Yes to 1)identifying bad expenses and staying frm them.. 2) increase income streams thru internet mktng but still have to “refine skills” 3) getting rid clutters though its hard cz of sentimental reasons 4) money leeches-i gave my employees limits of “bale” and told them to use their SSS & HDMF Loan benefits but NO to talent- i have yet to find a situation or activity w/c will benefit from my talent of being analytical and pakialamera….. lastly, i am somehow guilty of using excuses of “BUSY, No TIME”, cz i am delaying my “coffee shop” project, this is my big challenge for the 4th quarter… i have to start drafting my bsns plan, enough w/ always dreaming to have one

    • markso

      Good. More than most. Complete them all and you will increase results Tes. Good luck and hope you answer more yes’ soon. Best!

  7. al

    i have yes and nos too, i will try my best for yes to win agaisnt no. hope i can say yes to all of it. i will try to act on it.


  8. CJ

    I’m proud to say I have already Yes answers. Aside from continuing with listing my expenses, I am now more conscious of the amount I spend on things and on the possible money leeches. The questions I answered “No” to, in particular, will be solved when I go back to my provincial home where all the things I can sell/rent are located. I have already identified some of them now. Must do something about the additional income stream though.

  9. Dexter

    Done everything you recommend Mark, already opened aditional 2 bank accounts. Currently got 3 accounts, 1 for payroll, 1 for emergency fund and 1 for my investment fund. Also started a couple of months ago the law of suggestions and began writing my small and big successes. to increase my income streams I joined one of the top Condo developers in the country and sold 3 units last month total of 6,5mio haven’t received my commission yet for we still have to accomplish all requirements by my clients definitely this would be a big help to fund my bank accounts upon it’s release. This month hope to close 2 units, already in negotiations with some clients. I’m also planning to increase my 401k file in our office since i saw that it’s part of the non taxable income on my ITR i’m only contributing 4% for the last few years ill jack it up to 10% next year which is the maximum. I also took charge of my expenses bringing down my fone expenses from more than 2k per month to less than 500. More power to your Site! Continue to be a blessing to everyone! God Bless!

    • markso

      Good for you Dexter. However, you are just talking about increasing your income streams, what are you doing better in terms of recording, managing and being financially smarter about your money?

      • Dexter

        I just applied what id been doing in my work to my personal finances and it’s quite effective Mark, I created an excel worksheet to monitor my expenses.

        1. I build a roadmap with Short term, Midterm and long term goals
        a. Short term
        1. Build an Emergency Fund / Opened a Savings account with insurance as you suggested
        2. lowered personal and total expenses vs. income with montly monitoring of my net worth (Fone bills from 2k to less than 500, we also lowered our electric bills and reduced our dining out)
        3. Opened my kids savings account

        • Dexter

          4. Tithe 10% or more regularly
          5. Monitor my good and bad expenses.

          Mid Term
          1. Build investment funds
          2. Open a business (my first business was damage by ondoy had to sell it)
          3. Increase my 401k contribution from 4 to 10% starting January (its non taxable, saw it on my ITR) part of our retirement fund.
          4. Earn at least 1 to 1.5mio per year thru my salary and commission from work, real estate sidelines and also I’m renting out our family car on weekends (nakakapagod langsince i have to sacrifice my weekends working on my sidelines)

          Long term
          1. Retirement plans with rental units, business and stock portfolio in place.

          also included in my roadmap are Financial Targets, Timelines and Developmental plans.

          Already attended several seminars as you recommended (Financial and real estate) since June. Also have in my room books of robert kiyosaki and donald trump for additional information. Thanks for ur suggestions. Sana noon ko pa ginawa to. More power!

          • markso

            Jhoanna and I are very happy for you Dexter. Keep it up, working dillegently on your plans and goals are already producing results, just do not drift from the path you have set for yourself. We look forward to hearing more from you and your accomplishments in the near future.

  10. Domy z bali

    this is so fine. show me more posts.

  11. Lublin

    Hello my friend! I wish to say that this article is amazing, nice written and include almost all important infos. I’d like to see more posts like this .

  12. marichu

    I find it difficult to avoid what was listed as my family leeches because i can’t bear seeing them nothing while im enjoying myself. i realize that it is hard to apply it in real life. I learned but still trying and coping with this new formula..

  13. marichu

    waaahh. Thanks Mark for the realization. Im working on encouraging my husband to strictly follow your advises so that we can build our smart foundation together. Im proud to say, i answered Yes to some of the 15 questions including the money leeches. Long way to go. Its difficult lang to find additional money streams that lasts..

  14. lolly leong


  15. Hue Totty

    I view something truly special in this web site.

  16. Dennis

    Hi Jhoanna & Mark,

    I still have lots of “No” answers. No. 14 really hit a spot. Need to work on this fast. Thanks.

  17. Yllen

    I have answered yes to all questions except no.11 .I find it hard to come up with a plan to talk to my family money leeches.If possible, I don’t want to hurt them.I guess I have to take up with them gradually.I find this to be a difficult task although I need to do it.I need more time .

    I wish to inform that I have started to improve my spending habits,that before I part with my money I now analyze what type of expense is it.If it is a bad expense, I won’t do it. On the income side, I have sold some idle assets to increase my funds.In due time,I am confident that I will achieve my goal ,of course with your guidance.

  18. bheng

    i took notes and am willing to act and put it all to practice i’ll start these week and i’ll leave a message or email you as soon as results came up i’ll let you know how does it affect my family and the changes that happens.

  19. Aze

    As of now, I have recorded my monthly expenses and I listed them every day . It really takes a great discipline because I listed it down to the last centavo.haha! In that way, I can weigh the things To Buy or Not to Buy. And it is easy for me to identify the Bad expenses to be substituted for a necessary or good expense. 🙂 But I tell you, it is not an easy job.hehe 🙂

  20. Dexter

    1.) I have been recording my expenses every month.
    2.) Yes, I listed all the bad expenses.
    3.) Yes, I am trying to put money saved into programs that would hopefully generate passive income.
    4.) Still trying. The process and learning takes time and oftentimes losses.
    5.) Yes, I have been clearing up old inventory through
    6.) No. The things that I have are not applicable to be rented out.
    7.) Not yet. My work, home, kids and forex trading takes up my time.
    8.) No money leeches for now.
    9.) No money for leeches. I would give a small amount of money to people who really need them. But when it becomes habitual, I stop giving.
    10.) No money leeches in the family.
    11.) No money leeches.
    12.) Yes, I have identified the talents that I have.
    13.) Not yet. I guess I’m still waiting for the opportunity.
    14.) Yes, I still use these lines whenever I don’t reach my goal.
    15.) Not yet, but I am already making an aggressive plan to increase income streams.

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